15 Most Popular Things to do in Montreal

Montreal is a wonderful city, there is so much to do in the city that we would not have enough of a life to do all the possible activities. Walking, riding a bike and get to a coffee shop to drink something. Everywhere in the city, there’s some reasons that are good to go out. In the summer there is every evening festivities in the city center such as free humor shows in the streets.

The masterpiece that the City of Montreal has to offer its limitless. If you want to take the best pictures with statue or anything else you are in the right place.

The big wheel of Old Montreal

You have to tell. I remain stunned while my visits to Old Montreal lead me to discover places that, each time, still surprise me. As if places of adventure surfaced without my knowledge. It is not to understand anything because, out of love for Old Montreal, I often appear there.

A few years ago, as I walked slowly along its narrow winding streets or I prefer, when cars are scarce, to walk on the paved lined streets of the center, without knowing since not informed, I arrived in front of her . This majestic of all, it is of her that I speak, the beautiful of these wheels, the same one installed at the edge of the canal leading to the St. Lawrence River.

Still amazed, without further ado, I walked towards the circular monument. How did the information escape me? Still, she was taking the place with all the splendor of her invitation, allowing us to access it to make it a great full turn. I quickly positioned myself in the queue to acquire the access ticket leading to the path of a cabin. Finally secure, the rise in height began immediately.

At the moment, I realized how elevation brings us to the heavens of extraordinary knowledge. The higher the altitude, the more dazzling the surrounding scenery appeared to me. On the one hand, the furrow of a calm and peaceful river, on the other hand the mountains of a royalty with shimmering greenery, not to mention its all, surrounded by the maze of alleys to the promises of adventures and exhilarating discoveries.

To the intensity of our amazed glances, the dazzling part of a metropolis unfolded its attractions to invite us without further delay to proceed to their full discovery.

Ghosts of Old Montreal

Caution ! Reading these few lines remains at your own risk as we tackle the terrifying subjects of the many ghosts of Old Montreal.

Despite their long-standing deaths, to make themselves known or will we say by mere will, the almost mysterious presence of the ghosts of Old Montreal is revealed in splendor. At the end of the completed days, at the first light of the night, by these improvised screens that form the great walls of the buildings of Old Montreal, we reach the appearance of those who shaped the history of the place.

When the dark halos of a dark night cover almost all of Old Montreal, as if rising right from the depths of darkness, appear its ghosts of old times. By their movements and their history, right on the stone of the buildings, these luminous spectra open to us the access to the transcendence of the pages of the time. Despite the surrounding darkness, we can glimpse the depth of their distance from listening to the stories of old and their clothes from distant times.

It is not necessary to be afraid of appearances. Their movements accompanied by the summary of their terrestrial journey by the transmission of your mobile, will allow you to discover these precious legacies which, still today, shape and accompany our daily life.

Who will brave to go until the end of the course …

Bonsecours Market

A market among many others in the metropolis remains the Marché Bonsecours. Montreal is full of places where precious goods and objects are offered to visitors. The Bonsecours Market located near the former convent of the Nuns offers access to a splendid view of the mouth of the St. Lawrence River.

In the heart of the market you will discover a part of the splendors that knows how to produce one who has the precious gift of the creative arts, the Artisan. Throughout its central aisle, you will be invited to the appreciation of artistic brilliance that abounds the works to the conceptualization, harmonies perfect to the utility. The compositions presented allow the wire of their orchestration to extract a practical side to allow to associate with the arts of a pure beauty, thus pairing them with efficiency.

You will be happy to discover its charming restaurant and its coffee adapted to the artist hidden in the bottom of each one. The perfect food that will, while refinement, fill the appetite of budding researchers.

To you the discovery of its many treasures.

The Cirque Du Soleil of Montreal (Sun Circus)

Of course, Cirque du Soleil is still a must-go place to go. The company started in Quebec and is now internationally renowned for its impressive costumes and harmonious passages such as acrobats and animals. Read more on our article about Le Cirque du Soleil from Montreal.

Museums of Montreal

The City of Montreal have several museums free or paid. If you are fond of painting or any other form of arts you will be filled. Each month the National Gallery of Montreal located in Montreal changes completely faces. You can view the schedule for this place on their website.

Subway of Montreal

Almost every metro station has amateur music players. Many are more talented than others, this is the beauty of it. lately I met a great guitar player out of the ordinary. Generally at the Pie-IX metro station there is always one or two music players. Of course, this attraction is free.


Plateau-Mont-Royal is probably Montreal’s liveliest neighborhood. The people of this sector in Montreal are very creative and like to share their talent with the public, in the street. Of course most people in the Plateau-Mont-Royal like to spend their evening in the park with a small glass of wine or with a bottle of beer.

The Saint Lawrence River

A nice stroll along the St. Lawrence River is another of the options available when you are in Montreal. Let yourself be tempted by Quebec gastronomy but with the sumptuous scenery that offers the river. Often you have the choice between several day or evening cruises. Some of them are longer than others.

La Ronde, the Carousel of Montreal

What about Montreal if we do not talk about the round (La Ronde). It is one of the most festive places in the city. Each year La Ronde reinvents itself and incorporates new rides into its warehouse. Often the prices are special and there are also seasonal passes. I advise you to lead your own lunch in the round because the prices of restaurants are a little bit high.

The Olympic Park

The Olympic Park was built to host the 1976 Olympic Games. The stadium tower is the tallest inclined tower in the world. now the Olympic Park is used primarily for cultural and commercial sports events. the stadium is so high that we can observe for miles around. It remains A must to see in Montreal.

The Musical Shows in the city

Throughout the summer the city hosts several musical items throughout the year and this is probably one of the most popular activities in town. No matter what kind of music you listen to, the city of Montreal will find something for your ear. From country to metal to popular pop music, every day there are some music shows.

IMAX and Cinema

If you are fond of movies on the big screen, I advise you to go to the IMAX of Montreal. There is something for everyone all day long. Obviously the metropolis has several cinema all at different prices. There are places to listen to movies under 6 people too. But now these places are increasingly rare in Montreal.

What is an IMAX cinema?

An IMAX cinema is a place that you can see 2D and 3D content. It offers the most special experience for watching a movie.

Botanical Garden of Montreal

The Montreal Botanical Garden was completely renovated in 2019. There is a trio between the Insectarium, Botanical and Biodôme gardens. I strongly advise you to try thoses activity if you are looking for something to do in Montreal. The botanical garden has more than 3000 plant specimens in thematic Biodôme.

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