Top 24 To Do List in Miami: Activities, Hotels and Restaurants

What is Miami famous for?

Miami is recognized at all places in the world for its glitz and glamour. The sunny weather delights the tourists endlessly. They flock to Miami from all corners of the world for its sunny weather.

Miami captivates the visitors with its sheer beauty and casts a magic spell. The numbers of attractions over here are numerous, be it clear blue South Florida skies or the Biscayne Bay.

best things to do in Miami - Florida

Let us take a look at the top things to do on your Miami holiday:

Visit the relaxing Miami Beach

Whenever one thinks of Miami, one visualizes a sandy beach with the sun shining. For a tourist who wants to soak up the sun, Miami is the place to be at.

The beach is essentially located outside Miami municipality, and is at an island, which further adds to its value. Around the Miami Beach, one is sure to come across the Art Deco district in the vicinity of the beach and a number of beautiful buildings within the complex. While checking out the beach, a tourist can go visit the Art Deco district for a pleasant change.

Jungle Island: Parrot jungle Eco-adventure park

Among the prime attractions in Miami is the Jungle Island. The Jungle Island is located at the Watson Island and once used to be known as the parrot Jungle. Winston Churchill visited the destination in 1946.

As the Jungle Island is merely minutes away from Downtown Miami and South Beach, getting here is easy. The destination is undoubtedly one of the best spots to visit for a sense of adventure and discovery. Daily shows at Jungle Island keep more and more visitors coming in each day.

The Art Deco District

Art Deco District delights visitors with its nostalgic value, bought to fore by the 1930s styling. While spending time at Miami Beach, going to the Art Deco District comes naturally.

One can stop by for lunch in pastel painted buildings. The sights are mesmerizing. One comes across canopy covered dining areas and neon lights for decoration. The place must be visited following nightfall.

Famous Bayside Marketplace

Bayside marketplace has tourist and specialty shops. They are over 150 of these shops at the destination. A number of unique and catchy restaurants are here as well.

It is essentially an outdoor styled mall. A few of the chain stores from top brands are over here, for a promising shopping experience for the tourists.

While the tourists flock the destination in large numbers, locals come and relax over here as well. The place is characterized by daily live music. It has a fun vibe which is sure to entertain.

Miami lake and cities with the skyscrapper

Visit Zoo Miami to watch 2000 wild animals

A visit to Zoo Miami is close to the sensation of visiting a natural Safari. The habitat provided for the animals is close to their natural environment.

The attractions include open air exhibits and an environment which is cage free. Visitors get a chance to come in close quarters with endangered wildlife. Kids are sure to enjoy the visit and camel rides in particular.

Discover the Cuban flavor at Little Havana

Little Havana is well known for its cultural vibes. They have open air social areas, a number of restaurants and specialty food shops.

Latin music is evident through the air, it plays all the time. Cuban culture comes alive with street art of Cuban figures. The culture is absorbing.

The heart of Little Havana is Calle Ocho, and is the prime hub of activity. Surrounding streets and localities are all absorbed in its flavor.

Indian burial grounds and salt marshes

At the Indian burial grounds, a tourist comes across salt marshes and mangrove forests. One finds a coastal dune island over here, along with coastal tropical hardwood rocklands. One can relax over here on a hammock.

Endangered pine habitats are one of the prime attractions. There are number of buildings of historical importance over here. This includes Richard cottages, which used to be hotel around the year 1900. One can take a long walk and enjoy the view, and check out the old buildings as well.

The Miami Science Museum

At Miami science museum, a tourist comes across interactive exhibits. It is a very immersive experience, from a number of fields of science, which include chemistry, biology and physics.

Go to the swamplands full of crocs

Everglades National Park is a short drive from Miami. It has 1.5 million acres of swamplands. Over here, one comes across snakes and reptiles, crocks and alligators and birds from different species.

One can follow trails, walk over boardwalks, check out the wildlife, or commute on a high speed airboat, the best way to see the alligators.

One of the prettiest beach in the world, Miami beach

Freedom Tower, a must visit destination

The Freedom tower was built in the year 1925. It then used to be an immigrant processing center. Hundreds of thousands of Cuban refugees used to arrive over here.

The Freedom tower is hence a tribute to Cuban Immigration. It is also one of the oldest skyscrapers in south eastern United States. The Freedom Tower then was the head office for Miami Daily New for a number of years.

Go catch a live event

A tourist must go and catch a live event at the American Airlines Arena. It is a freshly developing area in the town. A number of large concerts take place here. Top artists come and perform. It is the home to NBA’s Miami Heat.

The complex accommodates 19,000 people with ease. The building opened in 99’. Being energy efficient, it was conferred with Lead Green Building Certification.

Down the Ocean Drive, take a cruise

Ocean Drive runs along the Oceanfront of the Miami Beach. It passes by the iconic sands of the South beach. At night, it becomes an exquisite tourist destination. During daytime, one can catch the sights, sounds and the true essence of Miami. The skyline of Miami is unique. Pastel colored art deco buildings are just one of the attractions in the area.

Visit the South Beach

The south beach is quintessentially the most popular section of the Miami Beach. During summers, one finds visitors over here from all places in the world. Locals are present in large numbers over here as well.

It nevertheless becomes a more chilled out area during winters. One can take a stroll over here and admire the art deco buildings.

Miami Children’s Museum

Miami Children’s Museum arrived at its new site in 2003. Education and entertainment, both are available for children over here. Each of the exhibits appeals to kids’ imagination. They are centered on cultures from around the world. A few are based upon art.

It is a 56,000 square foot building that houses the museum.

Crandon Park

Key Biscayne is towards the south of Miami Beach and across Rickenbacker Causeway. The place is beautiful but small. They have fine park areas and fantastic beaches.

Over here, Crandon Park is probably the most visited area.

The reef makes the swimming conditions ideal. At the park are an Amusement Center and a Nature Center. The parking space is ample.

Nightlife in Miami Florida

Let us now take a look at some of the prime hotels and restaurants in Miami:

Hotels of Miami are nowadays much recognized for their restaurants, and are run by some of the biggest brands in the culinary scene. A premium world class dining experience is a guarantee.

Shelborne, South Beach is a prime hotel in Miami. The concept has been weaved around the hotel’s restaurant. The owners are top chefs, and they have brought Root & Bone, their New York City restaurant to Miami.

The place is known for its fried chicken. Chicken is first brined in sweet lemon tea. It is then breaded and fried. While the chicken is crispy golden on the outside, it is tender and moist on the inside. The dish has a citrus hint associated with it.

Eden Roc Miami Beach is another one of the top hotels in Miami. It has a restaurant named Nobu, by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and is the largest creation by the chef till date.

The place is characterized by its simplicity, natural wood tones in the interiors complements the garden space. One comes across some of the best sushi in the world over here.

Just like the hotels of Miami, the restaurants over here are inspiring. Miami’s reputation for being a party circuit followed its image of having some of the finest eateries across the globe. Seafood over here are great, and so is the Cuban cuisine. Miami also has spot you must not miss, and has some of the finest of restaurants.

Zak the Baker

The sign right outside Zak the Baker’s building reads Bakery. At Zak’s one comes across world class bread. A number of top restaurants in Miami source their bread from Zak’s. A few of the top attractions include quiche, chocolate babkas and rye bread. They even got hummus, salads and soups over there.

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Stepping into the Mandolin Aegean Bistro takes one to the Mediterranean. Their service is very professional. The menu has versatility. They have mains and sides, sandwiches, salads and mezes. Sea food over here is exquisite. It is grilled with oregano, lemon and olive oil. It looks as good as it tastes.

Miami essentially comes across as a paradise for beach hoppers. It is an inspiration for style influencers, while being a shopper’s paradise as well. One gets to soak up the sun when in Miami.

There is much more still that Miami offers. Let us take a look at a few of the hidden gems in Miami.

Best restaurants in Miami Florida


In Wynwood, there are graffitied walls. A tourist must take stroll and check them out. Then it is best to halt at SuViche, a Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant. This is one of the ways in which Miami’s food culture is defined.

Soho Beach House

A tourist is not compelled to stay at the overcrowded beaches at Ocean Drive. Instead, drive up north to the Soho house. While this place too gets busy over time, one finds some celebs over here as well. When celebs go there, it has to be good.

Hyde Beach Club

If pool parties outrageous in nature fascinate you, Hyde beach club is the place to be at.

El Fresco Court Yard

El Fresco Court Yard is to be found just beyond the boundaries of Little Havana. It is basically an outdoor chill spot, wherein a tourist figures out Dave “Krave” Fila’s work. There are spontaneous performances at a mini stage. Food trucks keep coming in for a fine snacking experience.

Wat Buddharangsi

The primary attractions over here are farmer markets and fruit stands. A tourist finds peace at Miami’s Theravada Buddhist temple, better known as Wat Buddharangsi. One has chance to interact with the monks. They run the place.

Antiques from the stone age

If vintage finds amuse a tourist, Stone Age Antiques alongside Miami River has a lot to offer. One can browse the stuff, buy what is desirable.

Beach party in Miami

Rouge, North Beach

The Rouge at North beach is a French Restaurant. They have fine selections in their cuisines, derived from Moroccan and French culture. The two cuisines blend in with astonishing ease.

A tourist must definitely check out the courtyard defined by its Moroccan designs and bougainvillea plants. They sometimes have a jazz concert over here.

The Books & Books Café

At Books & Books, they got a nice café. It is at two locations in Miami, and inside an independent bookstore. Brunch stays the most popular meal at the place. If one goes on Friday or Saturday evening, one gets to enjoy free music as well. By visiting authors, you can have one of your books signed.

Manatee Bend Park

The Manatee Bend Park is a place to go and relax. A tourist gets to spot some manatees over there. The green space is limited, though, but one gets to see manatees, which are sea cows.


Once you visit Miami, you’ll definitely agree to the phrase that Miami is the most popular city of United States. Nightlife to luxurious hotels, exciting lifestyle, street food, Miami is simply a great place to visit.