What is the cost of living in Montreal in 2020?

Many people want to live in Montreal, Quebec. Often this involves several expenses that most people do not consider in their budget. The beautiful metropolis offers many options to people who are not from the same area or from the same country.

Of course, speaking French or English is almost a necessity to live in this beautiful city of Montreal.

The necessary expenses

For everyone, it is obviously a home because the winter in Quebec is very rigorous. Apart from housing, food, transportation and recreation costs must be included. In 2020, the average for homes in Montreal was $ 798 per month for an apartment in the metropolis with two bedrooms closed.

The price of living in Quebec city was slightly higher but it runs around $ 840 a month.

The most expensive places to stay in Montreal are of course downtown and old Montreal. Other neighborhoods such as Plateau Mont-Royal and Westmount are also known to be more expensive than elsewhere on the island of Montreal.

Public transportation in Montreal

In 2020, the cost of a bus and metro ticket is $ 3.25 per unit. Of course, there is a discount to buy them in packs of 6 or 12. If you move regularly the monthly pass could be very advantageous with its price of $ 83 Canadian per month. There are several alternative options to these rates, but I strongly advise you to consult the STM website for the price list.

Of course, you can drive if you already have a driver’s license from another province or country. There is a certain rule when you are from other countries but I suggest that you inform yourself directly to the Société de l ‘assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

License, insurance, and registration fees are to be calculated in the equation.

The cost of food in Quebec

Of course, food can be a heavy expense for the wallet. In Quebec, all food is not taxed. Several supermarkets now offer discounted items when food is a little longer on the shelves. The Maxi chain, for example, offers an application precisely for this purpose. You can save just 50% on certain foods.

On average, the grocery store for an adult is relative because some people eat more than others and the choice of food or meat can vary a lot. A single person can get around $ 75 a week in groceries and eat healthy. So about $ 300 a month in food for a single person. For example, I can eat well for around $40-45 a week if you get the stuff in special at the grocery.

Average electricity consumption in Montreal for an apartment

It is estimated that the cost of electricity for an apartment in Montreal may vary but we estimate it is around $ 95 a month. Some apartments may cost a lot more but we rely on estimates made on several platforms available online.

Of course, this figure is calculated over the 12 months of the year because the cost is higher in winters because we have to warm up well. Someone in Montreal is heated included in their rent for their apartment. The cost of electricity for a home is much higher, it can only go to double if the house has a pool or spa (jacuzzi).

Heating and air conditioning are one of the highest expenses on the electricity bill with over 60% of consumption during the year. Followed by electrical appliances and lighting. Hydro-Quebec offers several tools to calculate its average electricity consumption by calculating all the objects that consume electricity in the dwelling.

Internet, telephone and television services

Prices for services vary a lot but you can get basic internet services for a low price of $ 30. Of course if you shop a little you can have better prices if you benefit from a limited offer with one of the internet providers.

In Quebec, there are several telephone service companies and the competition is very fierce. One of the new telephone companies, FIZZ Canada offers unlimited calls and texting in the province for $ 25 a month. Of course this price is higher if you want to have a package with internet for your cellphone.

Basic television services are starting at $ 25 a month for basic cable with Videotron. At this price, you will be able to watch more than 20 of HD channel. There are several television companies but Bell, Videotron and Distributel are the largest providers in Quebec.

Activities and outings in Montreal

It’s nice to know all the costs to live in the city, but it is necessary to be entertained in this magnificent metropolis. We have concocted a list of the most popular activities in Montreal.

Restaurant, a small cafe or have a drink on a terrace, the options are not lacking in Montreal. The touristy places in town are very varied and I promise you that you will not miss any choice.

Mount-Royal is one of the most popular activities in Montreal and I highly recommend you to go enjoy your little Saturday afternoon with the magnificent view of the belvederes and the Cabin. There is public transportation to every point of the mountain.

Cinema, music shows, and humor are also choices. Every day, the city offers a multitude of musical choices as well as outdoor activities.

Restaurants can be a very expensive expense if you want to spoil yourself a little too often, usually, the cheapest dishes at the restaurant are around $ 15. There is some restaurant in town with $ 5 food and we made a list on our website.

Other expenses related to living in Montreal

Do you want animals? Go to the gym? Or just go to school? 
Several other fees that we can not calculate can be included in the balance. Finding a job in Montreal can be difficult, but there are several investment companies and they usually work wonders according to your ability. There is also home insurance for your furniture in case of a disaster or natural disaster.

All its expenses can be reduced if you live with another person or family. As you enjoy life to the full, there is no limit to what you can do in Montreal.

Let’s summarize with numbers:

Apartment $ 798

Transportation $ 83

Food $ 300

Electricity $ 95

Internet, phone, and cable $ 80

Outing and activity $ 100

Other fees not included $ 100

Total = $ 1556 per month

Total per year = $ 18,672

Of course, it’s figures are for informational purposes only, there are much cheaper homes if you live alone and you do not need a place with two rooms.

Many people live in collocation to save in the long run, and being surrounded by kind people makes life always more interesting. 

The conclusion

Quebec is one of the least expensive provinces to live in Canada. The only disadvantage is that we are heavily taxed on most of our property and our wages. It does not remain a wonderful province to settle or start a family.

I strongly advise you to consider settling in Quebec because it is a place where you can live fully and healthily. The city welcomes thousands of people from all over the world.

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