Best Things to do for a tourist in Singapore

What can you do in Singapore?

Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. However, this city-state has a globalized economy that has made it the third country with the highest income per capita in the world. You won’t miss things to do in Singapore: from strolling through Marina Bay to enjoying one of Sentosa’s theme parks. It is a small country but with many attractions. In this article, I will tell you which things to do if you are visiting Singapore.

Gardens by the bay

These gardens define very well the essence of this city-state: beautiful, modern and well maintained. They were built with the intention of Singapore being inside a garden to improve the relationship with flora and fauna. If they are not the most beautiful gardens in the world, they will be among the top five.

Entrance to the gardens itself is free, although conservatories and the Skywalk among the famous Super Tree Groves are paid. The entrance to the conservatories costs 28SGD (€ 18 approx.) While the Skywalk among the trees 8SGD (€ 5 approx.).

Walking through the famous Skywalk is one of the best things to do in Singapore. These famous 50m tall trees are its main attraction: during the day they collect all the photovoltaic energy to use it at night to light up.

Our advice is that you go in the afternoon. At 19:45 and 20:45 there is a light show in the Super Tree Groves area that you will surely enjoy. Without a doubt, an essential thing to do in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands

This hotel is perhaps the most famous in the world and the main icon of the Singapore skyline. Its three towers have more than 2560 rooms, a 120,000 m² convention and exhibition center, a shopping center, an art, and a science museum and one of the largest casinos in the world, among many other things. However, it is known worldwide for its infinity pool. The entrance to the pool is for hotel guests only. So if you don’t stay at the Marina Bay Sands you won’t be able to bathe.

This famous hotel also has a spectacular viewpoint located in Sky Park, a huge platform that culminates in the three towers. Despite being located in the same place as the pool, here you can go up if you are not a hotel guest. Admission costs 20SGD (€ 13 approx.). Despite not being cheap, the 360º views are worth it. Our advice is to go at sunset and see how the city lights from there are something highly recommended to do in Singapore.

If you want to have the same views in an even better environment without paying, go to the Flight Bar & Lounge. It is also on the 57th floor but from tower 1. The prices of drinks are quite high, but if you settle for a soda, it will be cheaper than paying the viewpoint and you will be in a quieter environment.

Helix Bridge.

This bridge is a true work of art. It is pedestrian and allows you to go from the Singapore Flyer area to the Marina Bay Sands. As the name says, the bridge structure represents the double helix, reminiscent of the structure of the DNA. Also, along the bridge you will see the pairs of letters Cyg, yayt (cytosine and guanine, adenine and thymine) illuminated on the ground in red and green, representing the four bases of DNA.


On the seashore are this famous half fish and half lion sculpture that makes up one of the symbols of Singapore. As a curiosity, it was designed in 1964 as the corporate image of the Singapore tourist office. It is located in the Merlion Park and there is a tiny replica behind.

The Merlion hides a curious meaningIts head is of a lion because it represents the one that Prince Sang Nila Utama discovered in the city when he discovered it in the eleventh century. And its tail is fish because in this way it illustrates the fishing past of the city when it was still known as Temasek. When Sang Nila arrived in Singapore he changed the name of Temasek to that of Singapura, which means Lion City (“singa” means lion and “pure” city).

Botanic Gardens of Singapore

As we have emphasized, Singapore itself is already a green space. All its gardens are very well maintained and this is no exception. Its more than 5 hectares have more than 150 years of history. For locals it is their favorite place in the city: there they go for a walk, relax or exercise. Since 2015 they are a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. As with the Gardens by the Bay, the entrance to the gardens itself is free, although there is a paid area.

Haji Lane

It is one of the narrowest streets in Singapore. And also the most attractive! It is full of historical shops. They exhibit products from modern and independent designers. But not only stores have their charm. If you stop to look at the walls, you can enjoy street art. Without a doubt, walking around is one of the best things to do in Singapore. 

Singapore flyer

Another of the things that you cannot miss in your list of activities to do in Singapore is to climb the Ferris wheel of Singapore. It is the highest in the world at 165 meters. It has 28 capsules, similar in size to an urban bus, which allows you to have great views of the city. The price is 29SGD (about € 19). On clear days you can see Malaysian and Indonesian lands.

Universal Studio Singapore

If you want to have a good day and disconnect some tourism, going to Sentosa and enjoying this amusement park is a great option. The park is not very big, it has more than 20 attractions.  We get on most of them in just over 5 hours. The attraction we liked the most was that of Transformers. His virtual reality blew us away. The entrance to the park costs approximately € 50.  

Sentosa Island

Apart from having many other theme parks, Sentosa is known for its excellent nature. You can take advantage of the afternoon of your visit to one of the parks to relax on beautiful beaches like Palawan Beach or take a hiking trail. Getting lost by its nature is one of the essentials to do in Singapore.

SEA Aquarium

And on the same island of Sentosa, is the SEA Aquarium, the largest in the world. It houses more than 100,000 marine animals of more than 800 species. They are grouped by habitats and allows you to get an idea of ​​how animals live in their respective “houses”. The entrance costs 34SGD (€ 22) and is one of the best activities to do in Singapore if you travel with children. 

Cable car

A good way to get to Sentosa from Singapore is from the amazing cable car. It is the prettiest option but also the most expensive. However, it allows you to have spectacular views of the port of Singapore, Sentosa and the city.

Vivo city

After returning from Sentosa you can stop at Vivo City, the largest shopping center in Singapore. There you will find everything: from the most recognized stores to others that offer great prices. If you have time in the city, this is a different activity to do in Singapore.

Masjid Sultan

The Arab quarter of Singapore is a delight, just like its main mosque. Built-in 1928, it was declared a National Monument of Singapore in 1975. Don’t miss it!

Chinatown of Singapore

Singapore’s Chinatown is special. With their color and banners, they seem to celebrate things every day. There you will find shops of all kinds: from fragrance imitations to traditional objects. However, if there is a monument that stands out above all, it is the Temple of the Tooth Relic of Buddha. Also, it is a perfect area to fill the stomach for very little. We tell you the best restaurants to eat cheaply in Singapore.

Buddha’s tooth relic temple

Although it seems to be a historic building, it is not so. This temple-museum was built in 2007. As the name implies, inside is one of the four teeth of the Buddha that his disciples recovered from the ashes after cremation. Admission is free and we advise you to go up to the roof where you will find a beautiful garden. 

MacRitchie Nature Trail

If you like nature this is one of the activities to do in Singapore that you cannot miss. This hiking route is only 40 minutes by public transport from the city center. The route is 11km and will allow you to disconnect in a tropical jungle full of monkeys, lizards, snakes, and squirrels. If you like interacting with nature, don’t miss it. The road is affordable for all audiences and is well indicated.

Clarke Quay

This is one of the areas with more nightlife in Singapore. There you will find many bars and restaurants where you can have a drink with beautiful views of the river and the city. As a curiosity, during the 19th century, this area was the center of the city. Now, its old warehouses have become precious colored houses that will surely make you take out the bed to photograph them.

The flight experience

If you are looking for a different activity to do in Singapore and you like airplanes, you will love it. This flight simulator is located in the shopping center that is next to the Ferris wheel of Singapore. There, several flight trainees will teach you to fly a Boeing 737 from the cabin.

Little India

The Indian community in Singapore is quite large and most are grouped in well-known Little India. Get lost in its streets and let yourself be carried away by the smell of spices and enjoy its markets.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

It is the biggest attraction of Little India. This temple was built in 1881 by the first Indians who came to work and live in Singapore. It is the oldest and most important Hindu temple in the whole country. As a curiosity, during the airstrikes in World War II, many inhabitants of Singapore took refuge inside this sacred space. Without a doubt, a curious visit to do in Singapore.

East Coast Park

If you want to enjoy a quiet day, approach the East Coast Park. Although the beaches are nothing from the other world (they are open, there are strong currents and boats), space is ideal for picnics or barbecues. You can also do some very nice walks. If you have plenty of time in Singapore, don’t miss it.

Altitude gallery and bar

If you want to have an alternative to the Marina Bay Sky Park, this bar is a good competition. We also believe that it is better since from there you can see the Marina Bay. As the name implies, the views from the heights are greatIf you want to drink a drink on its terrace located 282 meters while watching the night falls in Singapore is a perfect option. Prices are somewhat expensive but worth it. Without a doubt, it is one of the best things to do in Singapore.

Climb Mount Faber

Finally, to end the viewpointsyou can climb this mountain to see beautiful views of the city. If you plan to go to Sentosa with the cable car there is a stop, so you have it perfect to visit.

Although Singapore is very expensive to travel still it is preferred by the tourist because of its beautiful places to visit.






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