Special Things To Do in Kerala: Tourist Activities

15 Places You Must Go

Kerala has been known as one of the most favorite tourist destinations located on Malabar Coast of India. As a tropical city, Kerala is a famous place which has a unique culture, along with the fascinating city setting. Most of the infrastructures there have peace features which contrast with the busy modern lifestyle. Thus, Kerala is a perfect place for the travelers to get their peace of mind.

Kerala offers similar amazing natural views such as Bali and Hawaii. Thus, there are many interest places which will make the travelers excited to explore more on this picturesque place. You can go to watch the amazing performance of a traditional Kathakali dance. You can also go for a houseboat cruise to the backwaters, or a simple alternative, you can go for a tea tasting afternoon. Yes, in Kerala, you would never feel bored since there are many memorable things you can do there. Now, to give you some guidance, check out for these 15 things to do in Kerala.

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  1. Village Tour

Take a village tour to visit some traditional villages in Kerala. The famous backwaters located in Kerala are scattered with some small traditional villages. Visit these villages and discover the customs among the local people there. You can also enjoy traditional meals in a natural setting surrounding.

One of the famous villages you would visit in the tour is Kumbalanghi, which encircled by paddy grounds, located on the borders of Kochi. In Kumbalanghi, you will able to see the first fishery model on India, and also the traditional agricultural life of the local people there. The village is located about 14 km distance from Ernakulam Railway Station. Hence, it would be quite easy for you to reach this amazing village by using your car, or you can also go on a bus.

  1. Houseboat Cruise to Kerala Backwater

Kerala backwater is famous for its peaceful and awesome natural surroundings. Go for a houseboat cruise to Kerala backwater, and you will get the chance to see beautiful rivers, lakes, lagoons, and also canals that route inner from Kerala coast, Kochi (Cochin), until Kollam (Quilon). Kerala backwater is traditionally used to support transportation for the local people. Besides that, the people also used this backwater for agricultural and fishing activities as well.

If you visit there at the right time, then you might able to see the snake boat races perform whole over the backwaters. This annual performance also comes along with some enjoyable entertainment for the travelers. Imagine those the elegant green landscape where you can explore unique wildlife, along with traditional villages and houses along the backwaters. No doubt, Kerala backwater is one of the things to do in Kerala. Make sure you would not miss it!

  1. Watch a Traditional Kathakali Dance Performance

Kathakali is a traditional unique ancient dance-drama performance that you would love to see in Kerala! To be noted, you would not able to watch the performers along with their dress and makeup like this daily. The Kathakali performers present the elusive dance movement in an extravagant costume to describe a meaningful mythological ancient story of Hindu. You can catch their performance on Kerala Kathakali Center, or you can also find it on Cochin Cultural Center as well.

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  1. Watch a Theyyam Ritual Performance

Kerala’s ancient stories are usually represented with using the art performance. Theyyam is a popular ritual art performance that invented in the area of North Kerala which presents an amazing story of Kerala. It comprises dance performance, along with mimic and music. You will see how each performer presents a powerful hero. The artists will wear quite heavy make-up along with embellishing colorful costumes to support their performances. If you will visit Kerala in the months between December to April, then you would able to catch these Theyyam ritual performances in some famous temples on Kasaragod and Kannur. The Theyyam performers would also present the annual performance on Nileswaram, Karivalloor, Cherukunnu, Kurumathoor, Kunnathoorpadi, and Ezhom which located in North Malabar, and attract massive crowds.

  1. Watch a Snake Boat Race

A Snake Boat Race is a popular event in Kerala during the monsoon season. As for the name, you can imagine that the boats in this race would have the shape like a snake. This Kerala combatting snake boats are related to the past 400 years history of Alappuzha, the Kings of Alleppey who used to battle each other with using the boats along the seaways.

So, history was mentioned that there was a king who had to suffer great losses, asked some architects to make a better vessel for him to win the battle. Those architects built up a snake boat which led him in winning the battle. Since then, the rival king also eager to make a snake boat as well. Thus, there are many snake boats created in the battle. Make sure to visit Kerala between the months of July to September, since the snake boat races will be held during every year, during these months.

  1. Take a Relaxation with Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda is a famous ancient Indian healing treatment which has existed for more than 5,000 years. This treatment mixtures lifestyle rehearses along with yoga exercises and healthy eating. There are many Ayurvedic resorts and spas that you would find easily in Kerala. In Ayurvedic treatment center, they might offer you a Panchakarma which is a package which asking you to stay for a week and detox. In this package, your liver will be cleaned up, and your body will be revitalized.

However, if you might not have enough time, then you can simply enjoy Sirodhara, which is a relaxing oil massage treatment where you would feel the warm oil dripping on your forehead. This Sirodhara treatment would be beneficial to treat insomnia, psoriasis, tinnitus, and neurological disorder.

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  1. Discover a Historic Fort Kochi

Kochi which famous as the entrance to Kerala is a captivating place which gives an extensive influence. In Kochi, you will about to see various cultures of the British, Chinese, Arabs, Portuguese, and also Dutch mark on its architectures. Fort Kochi is definitely an exciting historical place which has been drawing numbers of visitors. You can discover Fort Kochi along with its Jewish Synagogue, Chinese fishing nets, as well as Mattancherry fortresses by walking or riding a bicycle.

You can explore the entire site with a bicycle, or also by walking since this awesome site is located exactly on the beach. Thus, you will able to get a beautiful view there which you might unable to catch from other forts and beaches across the world.

  1. Go to Kerala Temple Festivals

Kerala temple festivals present the elephants, as India’s most honorable animal, and give the tribute to ancient India’s god and goddess. In these festivals, you will get the chance to see huge processions of ornamented elephants, musicians, drummers, and some flamboyant hovers carrying these god and goddesses on the yield season around March and April.

You can try to catch the biggest Kerala temple festival in the Palakkad and Thrissur areas in the central and northern Kerala. In case if you do not like to go and take part in the noisy crowds, then you can also go for small festivals held by many small temples which located in whole over Kerala. 

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  1. Go for Enjoying the Sunset on the Beach

The beaches in Kerala are famous as the best beaches in India. Kerala beaches are also known as a place where you would not find any crowd. Thus, enjoying on the beach would be perfect if you aim to get relaxation on your trip. The most favorite beach which often visited by the travelers is Varkala beach. This beach has an outstanding rock face setting and also supported with many beach shops and cottages.

However, if you are looking for some action, then you can go to the high cliffs at Kovalam beach. The beach which located about 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram is famous as one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala. You would also able to visit the famous Lighthouse located in Kovalam beach if you will reach there between 3 pm to 5 pm, and thus, you can also enjoy the sunset on beautiful Kovalam beach.

  1. Watch the famous Martial Art Form Kalaripayattu

Kalaripayattu is known as Kerala ancient martial art form, which presents some kicks, attacks, weaponry, tackling, and preset styles. However, the most interesting one is that Kalaripayattu also offers its healing techniques which have been existed since 2000 BC. Do not skip to watch this Kalaripayattu performance that would also include a brief introduction about the martial art, traditional lamps lighting, and also a flower presenting to god or goddess. Plus, this martial art performance will also present you with 27 unique weapons to get you more excited.

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  1. Explore the Muziris’ Ancient Port City

Muziris is famous as a multi-cultural site located on the north of Kochi. The place is considered as a historic site since it was acting as the main vital trading ports in Kerala. If you decide to explore Muziris, then you will able to see how the place is filled with many ancient amazing mosques, churches, synagogues, and also temples. One of the most fascinating site on Muziris that you must visit is Cheraman Juma Masjid, which is the first mosque built in India.  In addition to this, you will also get to see numbers of exciting ancient Indian culture in Muziris.

  1. Explore the Amazing Kerala Waterfalls

Athirappally Waterfalls are the best waterfall that you must not miss to visit in Kerala. These magnificent waterfalls will please your eyes with a sight worth view, which appears similarly like what you can see on Niagara Falls. In fact, this fascinating waterfalls has been named as India’s Niagara Falls. You can reach the waterfalls by taxis or bus since the distance is only 55 km from Kochi International Airport.

Plus, there is a bio variety hotspot on its natural surrounding settings for you to enjoy there. The river on this waterfalls consists of 85 different species of fishes. If you want to do some trek down on the Athirappally Waterfalls, then it will take 10-15 minutes for you to reach down from the top. Or you can also try to swim in the waterfalls’ stream to feel the splash of water. The best time to visit this fantastic waterfalls is between September to January, since the monsoon will be among these months.

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  1. Visit Periyar National Park and Enjoy the Wildlife

Another thing to make your trip in Kerala become memorable is with visiting Periyar National Park and enjoy the wildlife there. Here, you will get the chance to explore the mountainous forests, along with its wildlife’s plethora. This park has been famous as one of the most incredible attractions in Kerala, and also the most favorite national park located in southern India.  

            Periyar National Park offers a variety of ecotourism tours and activities for you to explore the wildlife. Even though this national park is open whole year for anyone to visit, but you should visit Periyar National Park between October to February, since these months would be colder and make you enjoy your tour more.

  1. Playing with Elephants

It’s India, so definitely, you must not miss in creating your trip memorable with playing around with the elephants there. Yes, undoubtedly, it will be an unforgettable moment if you could get closer and hang out with the biggest mammals on the globe! Visit the Elephant Junction which located in Thekaddy, and get that memorable moment in riding an elephant. What’s more, you can even bathe an elephant as well!

The Elephant Junction resort provides many programs which able you to ride and bathe the elephant, feed them, and completed with a photo session as well. Plus, the resort also provides you a complimentary coffee or tea. You can take a one-day program which able you to have tours of the on-site farm, cardamom treating, and wooden dragging as well. One more exciting thing, this Elephant Junction also has a three-star Treetop Hotel where you can enjoy the Ayurvedic massage or maybe try out multi-cultural foods on the restaurant.

  1. Tea Tasting

Tea or ‘chai’ in Indian language is a favorite beverage of Indian people. In fact, India has famous as one of the biggest tea producers across the world. You can go for a tasting tea on a peaceful tea plantation in Munnar, Kerala. The great thing is, you can also book a tree house to enjoy your tea peacefully! Well, what could be more exciting and peaceful than this?

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Those are the best things to do in Kerala for tourists and locals. Make sure you would not miss any of them since they all are worth to make a memorable moment for you. However, if you do not have enough time, then you can choose the ones that you wish to do in Kerala, a beautiful ancient city.

Have a nice trip!