The Top 8 Things to Do at Mount Royal Park, Montreal


Belvedere Camillien-Houde 

Address: Voie Camillien-Houde, Mont-Royal, QC H3R 1K2

There are several points of observation, one more magnificent than the others. The first lowest point of observation, the Belvedere Camillien-Houde offers a magnificent view of the Olympic Stadium with binoculars on foot available at low cost. In the summer, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, tea, wine, beer and others non-alcoholic beverages while swinging and looking at that beautiful view of Montreal at the ”Café suspendu”. There’s several paid parking zone on site. place to park if you move in a car, the parking at this place is paying. At the end of week this place is usually very crowded.

Cemetery of the Mont-Royal

Address: 1297 Chemin de la Forêt, Outremont, QC H2V 2P9

The 2nd point that you can visit on the Royal Mount is a huge cemetery, you can visit it by car but I strongly recommend you to take both legs to enjoy the splendor. This is the place where some greatest men of Quebec were buried as some hockey player and great stars.

You can walk for hours in this huge place even if you are surrounded by dead people, you will enjoy the walk. The place closes this is door to 4:30 p.m. so ensure to be outside at time and not getting stuck all night in the most popular cemetery in Montreal.

This place is very well maintained, it is probably the best cemetery that I have visited in my life. Make sure you get good shoes because the cemetery is huge and you can walk for hours in this place. If you want to be quiet in Montreal I think it’s the place of choice. It is the largest cemetery in Montreal.

The Royal Mountain Chalet mountain

Address : 1260 Remembrance Rd, Montreal , QC H3A 1A2

Just in front of the cemetery, there’s the beautiful walk on foot or on a bike to the cottage of Mount-Royal place, at the highest level of the mountain. You can also watch the magnificent view of the grandiose balcony and the view of the St. Laurent River as well as all the biggest bold of Montreal sky.

The Beaver Lake

Address: 2000 Remembrance Rd, Montreal , QC H3H 1X2

The mountain also offers a huge park and there’s a big lake of water with several kind of birds. In the winter season, you can take out your ice skating and skate on the lake free of charge.

Next to the lake, there is a very pretty little restaurant that sells food or beverages. It is the perfect place to enjoy a little tea or coffee spirited view wildlife Canadian who come to visit also the big lake of Mount-Royal.

The restaurant has a menu typical Quebecois dishes. A place to try if you do not bring a picnic on Mount Royal. Of course, if it is winter you should stop at this place to warm up to be ready to brave the winter of Quebec thereafter.

The mountain also offers you to make all the routes in the forest as well as on asphalt roads by bike. There are more than 20 kilometer of trail without counting all the roads that you can do throughout the Mount Royal or the ride you can do in the cemetery. Obviously there are roads more difficult than others. Make sure you have the right equipment for this task.

The tam-tam of the Mount Royal

Address: 4200 Park Ave, Montreal, QC H2W 1S8

Every Sunday after noon, hundreds of people move to the foot of the mountain to celebrate together with music and games. Rhythm to the sound of the tam-tam (drums), people enjoy their weekend and the life. It lasts about all the Quebecois summer. You can also bring any other musical instrument as you wish. Usually this gives way to wonderful groupings of people of all types and ages.

The big cross of the Mount Royal

The big cross is probably the highest monument of the Mount Royal. It is located near the cottage and is surrounded by forest. People often visit it in winter because they are very close to cross-country skiing trails.

The history of this cross commemorates the fact that one of the founders of Montreal promised to God to place a cross on the mountain if the water do not destroyed the new metropolis. We can see this cross at kilometer of the city of Montreal. Although obviously we see it even better in the metropolis.

You can go to the white cross on foot, by bike or cross-country skiing. The view is really good and the walk from the park is definitely worth a visit. The cross is located about 10 minutes of walk from the Mount Royal chalet.

St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

Address: 3800 Queen Mary Rd, Montreal, QC H3V 1H6

Whether you are believing or not, the oratory of Saint-Joseph is probably the most beautiful building of Montreal. The place is just splendid with the gigantic building beating down the place and those beautiful garden. The place is simply breathtaking.

The place is located in height but there’s always some parking available. You’ll be able to park in the streets if it’s crowded, and this option is free.

You will be able to have a splendid sight of the city also with this place, You can go to the Saint Joseph Oratory of the Mount Royal in subway because the “Côte-des-neiges” subway is located at about 5 to 7 minutes on foot.

There are obviously several ways to get to the royal mountain. It is probably the place must for Montreal if you ‘re visiting in the city.

what to do in montreal

How long does it take to walk to the top of the Mount Royal?

Depending on where you start, it can take 15 to 45 minutes. Certainly if you ‘re using a bike it will probably take you more or less time. You can take so many roads and detour you can probably do a whole day to visit everything at the Mount Royal in full.

Is the Mount Royal a sleeping volcano?

The Mount-Royal is not a sleeping volcano, there are currently no active volcano in Quebec. The last time a volcano erupted in Canada was around 150 years ago. For more information please visit the Canada website.

To conclude what to do in Mount Royal

Although obviously all things to do on the Mount Royal are for all ages, young or aged. All activities proposed are mostly free, buses and some parking spot aren’t.

This is probably the best place to take souvenir photos of the city, because you will think that you are at the end of the world with this wonderful landscape.

The city of Montreal has often special activities such as groups for young people or adults, eco-friendly activists, or groups for schools. You can consult things to do on the Mount-Royal official website.

Although evidently, if you move to the outside of Mount Royal you’ll enjoy all the little pleasure that the city has to offer. A good coffee, a walk with friends or a dinner in head to head. All tastes are in nature and the city of Montreal lets you do anything you be desired.