List of the best restaurants in Montreal in 2019

What to say about Montreal if you do not talk about fine gastronomy?
The city is famous thanks to all the most unique restaurant.

As every year, new and old restaurants open or close their doors. The year 2019 is simply a renewal in Quebec gastronomy and of course, the city of Montreal is unique in its kind to accommodate the best of other countries.

There are those who eat delicious, or those who look delicious. Of course, we can sometimes indulge in a good restaurant without it being too difficult on the line or health. Often in the city, people go once or twice to the little snacks in the area to savor a poutine or a good pork burger.

When summer arrives in Quebec, the terrace fills up like a light and it allows everyone to enjoy the sun and the heat. Whether it’s a small salmon tartare or even just to savor a good braised beef flank, we have a list made for every puck.

You will find the best restaurants in town, of course we have categorized them by price because I do not think it’s everyone who wants to pay a small plate at 200 dollars.

Even for the lowest prices, the city offers you a multitude of choices and food from many regions as delicious as the others. Without further ado, I offer you the list of the best restaurants in town for the prices.

top rated restaurant in montreal city

The king of Smoked Meat on st-Hubert

Address: 6705 St-Hubert Street Montreal Quebec h2s 2m7

Phone: (514) 273-7566


A delicious family restaurant that takes you back in time with their old-fashioned decor. The restaurant has always been very popular in the metropolis thanks to their high standard for meat and more specifically for Smoked meat.

The restaurant has been open for over 60 years and is not about to stop. There are so many seats and tables for everyone. The atmosphere is very unique whether it is for a business dinner or for a meeting with good food and very Québécois music. The restaurant menu goes from pizza to souvlaki just pasta.

The prices are very competitive but without compromising the quality of the dishes and food. You can decide to take a table, take away or have the delivery made. Personally, my favorite dish here is the Sandwich Club.

The Meli-Melo Market

Address: 640 Rue Jarry E, Montreal, QC H2P 1V7

If you have never tried a typical Haitian food, this is the place to try in town. Their dish of griot is simply delicious. The Haitians are great cook and this restaurant in particular will make you completely travel.

The place has 3 or 4 tables but I strongly advise you to take to go. The restaurant is paired with a Haitian market. You must go to the back of the store to receive your food. I tried several Haitian restaurant in my life but the one dethrones all the others. Prices are very acceptable. A restaurant unique in its kind.

The best Shish Taouk Amir restaurant in Montreal

Address: 9490 Acadie Blvd., Montreal, QC H4N 1L7

Phone: (514) 381-0037


Whenever I go through the central market in Montreal, I make a detour to the Amir restaurant on the boulevard de l’Acadie. It’s probably the best Shish Taouk I’ve ever had in my life. The restaurent has been thanked by local newspapers several times.

The ingredients are always freshness out of the ordinary and the staff always welcomes you with a big smile. As soon as you enter the restaurant you will understand that you are traveling to another world. The Lebanese have their way of doing things and I strongly suggest you try this Amir restaurant in particular.

Even if they are very busy, using the restaurent will explain all types of typical Lebanese dishes available. The fries and potatoes are very good and deserve to be in first place on our list.

The Mont-Royal Entrepot

Address: 1019 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, QC H2J 1X7

Phone: (514) 507-3133

Probably the best atmosphere for a restaurant in Montreal. The employees are very helpful and always ready to answer all your questions with a smile. Whenever I went to the Mont Royal warehouse I was well received.

The restaurant closes very late so this is perfect for night birds or for a feast between friends in the city. Prices are not expensive and I think it will please everyone. I advise you to move a little early because this restaurant is very busy.

The food is not the best but for the atmosphere it is worth it to be on our list of the best restaurants in town. Of course we are not talking about great gastronomy but that does not prevent you will probably have a good time at this restaurant on the popular rue Mont-Royal. The restaurant offers $ 5 daily. This makes it a must if you are in Montreal.

The Bremner

Address: 361 St Paul St E, Montreal, QC H2Y 1H2

Phone: (514) 544-0446


A unique restaurant are like that, the atmosphere is very warm and the music always so good. This is a quieter place than the other restaurants in this list but you will not be disappointed. The food, drinks and service are excellent.

I was very surprised by the roll that is served before the meal, it is probably the best bread that I have savored in my life. The staff is very friendly and we can notice that everyone is happy at this place and that makes me and my girlfriend have a great evening.

A friend of mine suggested me this restaurant and it is not deceiving, an unforgettable night in town. Prices are a little higher than other restaurants in this list but it still makes it a must in Montreal.

We could also see that even for big meetings, this restaurant knows how to do it. A troop of about 15 people arrived after us, and they received their food 5 or 10 minutes after us. I loved my experience at Bremner.

Maggie Oakes

Address: 426 Place Jacques-Cartier, Montreal, QC H2Y 3B3

Telephone: (514) 656-6000


What about the restaurant, their aged meat and smoking are exquisite. The restaurant has a dry aging room and a large wine cellar for the pleasure of your taste buds. The restaurant probably has one of the biggest choices for its cocktail bar.

The Maggie Oakes is also available for private events. The place can accommodate more than 200 customers without compromising the quality of service. The experience I had with my friends from this place is exceptional. All our dishes were prepared to perfection.

The terrace is very pretty, I strongly recommend it. The restaurant is well located in the metropolis, this makes it an easy place to go and to park. The presentation of the dishes gives the taste of eating even if one is more hungry. The atmosphere in this restaurant is very friendly. What to say more? The desserts are simply divine.

The Noodle Factory

Address: 1018 St Urbain Street, Montreal, QC H2Z 1K6

Telephone: (514) 868-9738


What about the Noodle Factory of St. Urbain Street? The best noodles in Montreal without fail! I tried the pork and vegetable dish and I just loved it. The table service was extremely fast.

This restaurant would not be on this list if we are not talking prices, for a restaurant in Montreal the prices are excellent, $ 20 for two people. The cuisine is authentic and typical Chinese food.

The personal is always very smiling. The restaurant is a little small but to be in a place so busy Montreal is very acceptable. This is probably the best place you can go if you want Chinese food.

The waiters go out of their way to make you feel at home. My favorite place in Montreal’s Chinatown. The only problem with this restaurant is that on Monday it is closed for the whole day.

The Montreal Garde-Manger

Address: 408 St Francois Xavier St, Montreal, QC H2Y 2S9

Telephone: (514) 678-5044


For a place where you can eat seafood just typical Quebec poutine, the Garde-Manger will make you happy. The menu is very varied and all the dishes I tried at this place are delicious.

The cocktails offered are also very unique more than others. The bar of the place will also offer you an experience you will not forget. A fun park for all your senses.

This restaurant attracts people from all over the world for its fine cuisine and impeccable service.

The Modavie restaurant

Address: 1 St. Paul St W, Montreal, QC H2Y 1Y6

Telephone: (514) 287-9582


A superb wine bar, music streaming with very trendy Blues and Jazz. This makes it a tried-and-true place for 2019. The varied menu with lamb specialty makes it a delectable restaurant.

The atmosphere is excellent, very different from other restaurants in the area. Most dishes are very healthy with American and French specialties. The prices of this place are a bit higher than the other restaurants but that does not mean it’s a must in town.

If you want to choose a place for a head-to-head I strongly recommend the Modavie.


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