Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How can I travel the world for cheap?

We have many tips and tricks about travelling around the world. Currently we have 1 big article about this topic.

What’s the cheapest way to travel?

House-swap or rent your home / apartment while you are on vacation out of the city or the country.

Make sure to go on a trip with someone you know or even a stranger, split the gas in two.

How do you travel when you have no money?

Use Airbnb to fund your next trip. Build something while you are away, in exchange for a free room. Volunteer to live and work on an organic farm, many places in the world offer this. It is currently really popular in Canada. 

You can try to get a salaried job where you can work in another country. Many people get a Visa for work somewhere else than in their country, this is a great way to start travelling. Some jobs offer to work remotely, from home or the place you are with internet, this is really great if you can work some hours while you are traveling.

Crowdfunding has been really popular in 2019, some platforms like Kickstarter put their services online. Basically people pay for you. The strategy behind this is to make a great story to be inspirational. People really like this.

You can get some cheap car rides over the internet, try Facebook or any other kind of software to contact other drivers. There’s many group of ridesharing on the social media. Blablacar is a company that has drivers in more than 20 countries. You should try their app.

How can I fly for free?

You should start by searching for overbooked flights, most of the popular flights have been oversold. Ask the agent at the gate if they think they will need peoples to take the other flight.

Some people just complain a lot and for the good reason. If you experience a low enjoyable flight you may be able to receive a compensation for this. Some money or another flight ticket. You can submit your review on the company website, sometime they give coupons.

Working for an Airline is always the best choice for this. You will travel the world for free all the time! Having a friend that works for an Airline can works too, most of the time they receive cheap ticket and sometime free ones. Working for most popular airlines can provide free access to flights around the planet.

Flying for free is pretty rare but having some great discount allows you to travel longer and enjoy more of your vacancy.

How do you travel as a beginner?

Always make sure that you have the right clothing for the country you are going in. Most of the northern country are really cold, even if it’s not the winter there. Some country can go under 40 degree celcius. It is the same for the heat, never go to the south without light cloths.

Having some spare money always matters. Do not bring mass amount of cash, use your ATM card instead and pull out your money as you need it. Almost all airports have ATM machines inside, don’t get robbed all your cash at once.

The budget will probably be wrong when you travel for the first time. Most of the time it will cost you more than your estimate. Sometime it is from the stolen or lost items, buying new cloths or gift for your friends and family, or simply to eat there. Don’t stress if you spend more than you expect, this is completely normal.

Meeting the locals is a good idea, since they know where you can find things to do. Many of them should know how to eat for cheap and the special places that you can find in those area. It will probably enhance your travel experience. Some website offer the possibility to talk with locals in a city or a country.

Can I book a flight without paying first?

There’s some way to get a flight itinerary for a visa through your travel agency, follow those 3 steps.

Make sure to visit the Visa Reservation site for choosing the right package for you.

You should submit the details and then make a payment online.

You will receive the flight itinerary in your email after this.