25 beautiful places in the world

25 Most Beautiful Places You Should Explore Around the World

Earth is filled with amazing places that keep mesmerizing tourists and visitors alike. But when we start talking about which among these should be ranked among the top twenty-five places, the choice that one has to make is not easy. Yet we have tried our best while presenting you with a list of what we believe are the most beautiful places on the planet.

So, starting off with…

beautiful places in greece

#1 Oia, Santorini 


The view of the ocean and Paleo Volcano from the cliff village of Oia is just magnificent. The charming village is considered to be among the most popular of all on Santorini. The traditional make of houses in Oia will definitely change your views about how you perceive ‘aesthetics’. The linearly arranged houses on the narrow village streets with the amazing blue-domed churches will definitely make your trip to the Isle de Santorin worthwhile.

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amazing place to travel in the world

#2 Great Barrier Reef


Definitely a treat for those into aquatic and marine life forms. For those seriously into it, pack up your bags to explore the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem. With well over three thousand coral reefs features and nine hundred islands, the Great Barrier Reef is even visible from outer space! So, what are you waiting for? Just dive into the ocean (with an appropriate gear of course) to discover a whole new world at the Great Barrier Reef.

Beautiful lake in slovenia

#3 Lake Bled


Wish to explore a simply surreal place? Then do add visiting Lake Bled in your bucket list. The place looks as amazing as it looks in the pictures. The lake and its surroundings have a lot offered whether you happen to be seeking romance or just hike upon the steep trails nearby the lake. Those into water sports would not be disappointed since rowing is always an available option.

heaven on earth, great place for tourist in appenzell

#4 Appenzell


Though most of us like to associate the Swiss landscape with the Alps, there are regions like Appenzell where you will feel as if time has simply stopped. The village makes most of its visitors rethink whether there is any difference between ‘reality’ and ‘fantasy’. To think that visiting an isolated Swiss village would be boring is equivalent to making a judgment. Since the village always has some or the other festival or concert going on. It is a great holiday destination for those seeking to disconnect from the world for a while.

venezuela heaven

#5 Angel Falls


Just taking a look at its picture will make you gasp. Indeed, that is the first reaction that people give after having a look. Angel Falls boasts the tag of being the highest waterfall in the world at about three thousand feet! To have an idea about how much we are talking about, that’s around a kilometer! Well, animators from Pixar took their inspiration for ‘paradise falls‘ in up.

Macha pichu in peru, mountain of the earth

#6 Machu Pichhu


South America has a large number of stunning locations. And Machu Picchu is one of them. The only difference between Machu Picchu and others is that it was built by the Inca Rulers about six hundred years ago! Its charm can be judged by the very fact that it is considered as an ‘Ancient Wonder of the World’. If you wish to check out what humanity was capable of even in the 15th century, do make a trip to Peru to visit this absolutely stunning place.

sexy bora bora island, most amazing place on earth

#7 Bora Bora Islands

French Polynesia

Weird name, right? Wait till you hear about its location.

Tucked at a remote corner of the South Pacific is the island of Bora Bora. Almost like a set of adventure movies, the island totally covered with thick jungle. To reach the island you need to take a flight to nearby Tahiti. Celebs like Justin Bieber have visited the island just to chill.

white sand country, most special desert in the world

#8 Salar de Uyuni, 


While most people associate beauty with picturesque scenery, there are those as well which have a deeper sense of aestheticism. Number #8 is for them. Situated high up in the Andes range of mountains in Bolivia. The emptiness of the place makes it a perfect location for introspection and deep thinking. Got a philosophical friend? Just suggest to him about Salar de Uyuni.

amazing national park in USA, Lava under water scene

#9 Yellowstone National Park


Considered to be one of the oldest National Park in the United States, Yellowstone’s name is famously linked with the hot water geysers. You can imagine its size by the fact that its area is spread across several states! The park has a variety of things to offer to its visitors. From trekking trails to dense forests, Yellowstone will seem like something that is too good to be true. So those who wish to get a package deal while planning to explore mother nature, it is a superb choice.

Next up…

beautiful city of venice

#10 Venice 


Remember the heartbreaking ending of Casino Royale? Yes, that was Venice. The iconic canals to the magnificent Doge’s Palace, Venice has a lot to offer to everyone. The city is a living testament of how humans have been creating wonders from times immemorial. Why wait then? Just give Venice a chance to charm you and you will be completely immersed in the world of Gondolas…

st basil cathedral at night, hotels near basil cathedral

#11 St’s Basil’s Cathedral 

Moscow, Russia 

Situated in the Kremlin Complex in Moscow, the cathedral’s design has since its inception captivated millions of visitors. In fact, the then czar Ivan the Terrible had the chief architect blinded so that he would never again create something so magnificent again in his lifetime. The cathedral has been a witness to many historic events, from the communist revolution to the 1945 V day parade. So those interested in history, do visit this cathedral.

#12 Isla Holbox, 

Yucatan, Mexico

Though Mexico seems to be always in the news for all the reasons, that does not reduce what the country offers in terms of natural beauty to its visitors. The Holbox island is your typical holiday destination for those who wish to visit their own ‘secret holiday spot’. So, want to enjoy clear oceans and clean beaches? Just drop Holbox a visit.

best looking castle in the world

#13 Neuschwanstein Castle, 


German go back to the bygone times of Knights and castles? Then Neuschwanstein is a perfect choice for you. The castle or the Schloss as the Germans prefer to call it sits majestically on top of a hill with an amazing view of the Alpine foothills. The forests surrounding it gives it a perfectly natural vibe.

most special island in malta

#14 Isla de Comino


Accessible only via a ferry from the mainland is one of the least inhabited islands in the world. Since the number of permanent residents is just below even ten, the waters around the island are one of the clearest ever observed around the world. So, this can be on your list of islands to visit.

amazing fall in sweden

#15 Seljalandsfoss


Northern Lights, Check

Stunning Waterfall, Check

Glaciers, Check

So, for those looking for any of these things as a combo, Seljalandsfoss is a perfect choice. This one of the places where photographers are bound to get some really amazing shots. When visited at the time of the Northern Lights, this place just feels completely alive and unique in itself.

great looking mountain in kauai hawaii

 #16 Kauai

Hawaii, USA

Though Kauai happens to be among one of the oldest of all islands in Hawaii, it offers a picturesque view of natural Hawaiian beauty. What is interesting is the fact that the Isle has almost impregnable except for those willing to make the twenty-two-mile hike. This limitation has led it to be least affected by any human development and therefore is in a pristine condition. For those who don’t wish to take that twenty-two-mile trek, there is a helicopter ride available as well for an amazing flyby.

beautiful city in china

#17 Yangzhou, 


The town of Yangzhou in China’s southern part is a paradise for those into adventures. Whether you wish to go biking, hiking or rock climbing, Yangzhou will definitely offer you the best options in terms of them. In case the town feels more crowded, just explore the outskirts and it gets scenic as you go further. The river Li, rice fields with the high karst mountains will definitely amaze you.

great city to travel in the world

#18 Cappadocia, 


It is the one place everyone into hot air balloons must visit at least once in their lifetime. Along with this, the town has much more to offer. From underground cities to cave churches, Cappadocia will amaze to a different extent altogether. Highly recommended to those who want to visit diverse places at a single destination.

south africa beauty, cape town near the water

#19 Cape Town, 

South Africa

Though cities are generally considered to be crowded and congested, Cape Town comes out as an exception with its harbour, Golden Beaches, and magnificent seaside neighborhoods. The city’s multi-ethnic-cultural background also makes it more interesting. For people who just wish to visit a calm and charming city, Cape Town is a great choice.

blue lagoon heaven in iceland

#20 Blue Lagoon, 


Remember National Geographic’s “twenty-five Wonders of the World,” The Blue Lagoon boasts being one of them. This amazing lake is a result of the deposition of mineral-rich water below the ground. The region is volcanically active, special spa treatments are also available in case you wish to relax. Its beauty is such that you will just simply never get enough of it.

best looking mountain in china, amazing place for tourist in china

#21 Zhangjiajie National Park 


This particular National Park in China has the unique distinction of being the country’s first-ever UNESCO heritage site. Located in China’s Hunan Province, it is well-known for its breathtaking rock pillars. The trails on these high pillars offer an amazing view of the surroundings. Those interested in nature and adventure should visit the park at least once.

beautiful islands of maldives

#22 Islands of Maldives


While finding beaches in their original form is getting more and more difficult due to pollution, the 1200 islands in the Maldives is still in pristine condition. The Maldives is one of the topmost holiday destinations because of its islands and beaches. People from all around the world visit them to spend their vacations. Definitely recommended for those who are into breathtaking beaches.

great lakes in croatia

#23 Plitvice Lakes National Park, 


Plitvice Lakes National Park is considered to be among one of the most stunning National Parks all around the Globe. The aesthetic blend of meadows, limestone rocks and oak forests with deep blue lakes make it one of the most fascinating destinations for tourists. Those who wish to visit a place that has a lot to offer, just fly to Slovakia.

best places to be on earth

#24 Bariloche


Located inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park, it has no such concept of ‘the best time to visit.” Its beauty is always at its peak all throughout the year. In case you happen to visit Bariloche, you will be amazed by its snow-covered mountains and dense forests. People who love chocolate here is an interesting fact about the place, it is chocolate production quantity has earned it the name of the Chocolate Capital of Argentina! It has a lot more to offer and explore in case you are planning to give it a visit.

heaven in canada, moraine lake canada

#25 Moraine Lake, 


This lake in Canada has a shade of turquoise as its colour and just by watching photos you would not even believe such a surreal place even exists. With mountains and trees around, the lake offers you an amazing view as well. Want to explore the lake? All you need to do is just rent a canoe. For those into trekking, trails are waiting for you at Lake Moraine.

Bonus : discover Megève, an ideal destination for ski enthusiasts

After having reviewed the 25 most beautiful places to visit in the world, we present to you an address that will be especially pleasing to lovers of sliding sports. Discover Megeve, a ski resort in France that is home to mountain ranges still covered in snow, a picturesque forest, a sunny landscape and an exceptional skiing area. The latter includes 4 km of cross-country trails, 400 km of alpine trails and a large number of virgin slopes. It is therefore a vast playground for families, beginners and ski professionals.

Which accommodation to choose for a ski holiday in Megève?

To have a pleasant ski holiday in Megève, it is important to book accommodation in advance. There are several accommodation solutions, depending on your taste and budget:

  • A chalet: in Megeve, there are several chalets to rent, with a mountain and cocooning decor, suitable for a family or a group of friends. If the cost of renting a chalet is a bit high, it is compensated by the comfort offered to the tenants, and by the large space available that can accommodate several people.
  • A private apartment: Just as spacious and comfortable, a private apartment is inexpensive and user-friendly. To find one, simply contact a real estate agency in Megeve or search for owners’ ads directly on dedicated websites.
  • Tourist residences: these are set up by the ski resorts and offer apartments of different sizes and standing for all budgets. These residences generally offer their clients included services (wifi, cleaning, bakery service, parking…).
  • Hotels: they are expensive to rent, but it is a comfortable option, ideal for short stays.

To spend a friendly and joyful vacation, there are also vacation clubs that offer accommodation, hotel services and entertainment to tourists.

Thus, it ends our list of the top 25 Most Beautiful Places that you can visit to admire what these great destinations have to offer. We hope you did enjoy our list. We are always open to creative and constructive reviews.

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