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Montreal travel guide; What to do? Where to go?

Ahh, Montreal! What about the most beautiful metropolis in Quebec? This city where life is good every day, with its share of change. If it is not to look at the most beautiful landscapes of Montreal, the locals will undoubtedly entertain you. The people in Quebec are among the most sociable and warmest in Canada and in North America.

The people of Quebec, more precisely those of Montreal, are sometimes very extroverted. A unifying people who like to enjoy life to the fullest. I don’t live too far from Montreal, on the North Shore and I go to the metropolis mainly for work. Whenever I put back, I love to see all these beautiful people!

We all know that Montreal is really popular all over the world. For more than a decade, people from many places have come to spend their vacations here in the great province of Quebec. 

Why is Montreal so popular?

Let’s start with the food. Many restaurants, bars, and bistros are famous here in the metropolis. The food and the specialty in some places are just amazing.

You could certainly have the best dish of your life in Montreal. Our Quebec cuisine is truly delicious. For some time now, restaurant specialists have been ensuring that everything is perfect.

This is why Quebecers are so proud of their food, but it is not the only thing we are proud of.

Unique Montreal landscapes

The Montreal landscapes are extremely pleasing to the eyes. Mont royal, the little cafes around, or the majestic waterfront will leave you speechless. If you can get in on Mont, the largest mountain in Montreal, you’re going to have one of the best views of Quebec as a whole. With the sky fat, the vegetation and the immense cemetery, is made an unforgettable place for visitors and tourists.

The magnificent statues as well as the parks designed by artists from Quebec and sometimes even from all over the world make this city one of the prettiest in North America. Some newspapers even say that it is the best place to live in North America and I believe it!

The wonderful wildlife of Greater Montreal

 The fauna present in Quebec and Montreal is very diverse. Several hundred specimens of birds and mammals live there. Sometimes, some foxes or large wild animals rush into the metropolis, which gives special and unique reactions. Last year, several packs of foxes ventured onto the island of Montreal. This caused a lot of damage and jitters for local residents.

With us, the squirrel is seen on every street corner, on each tree or even sometimes in unexpected places. It is probably the most common mammal in the metropolis. Many people feed them even if it is forbidden, which makes them extremely plump and docile.

Some people will even adopt them as pets. This was the case for a candidate for a very popular home cooking show.

You can even fish on the banks of Montreal! There are several water points or directly in the river that surrounds the entire island of Montreal. I myself tried to fish without being too lucky, the two fish that I caught were smaller than my hand.

Fine gourmet cuisine in Montreal

There is something for everyone in this beautiful city. Whether for a quick sandwich at Tim Horton or for a good piece of meat at the downtown steak house. Everyone will find what they are looking for without question. All kinds of cuisine are present, Quebecois, French, Chinese, Asian, Italian, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese Mexican, etc.

Most of the restaurants on popular Sainte-Catherine Street still amaze me. With delicious dishes for low prices or very refined dishes with relaxed atmospheres unique in its kind.

The city of Montreal has established several gardening points all over the island. Montrealers make their own fruit and vegetable, which allows the restaurant to have fresh food all year round with food picked the same day.

There is a restaurant, not far from the old port which allows you to sit above a gigantic building on the 31st floor and which is in constant rotation. You can observe the whole city, seated at your dining table. It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete a restaurant rotation. The view is magnificent, the walls are formed only of large glass to allow you to see everything. This restaurant is called Portus 360. Prices range between 30 and 50 dollars.

What to say about Montreal without mentioning the famous poutine? Here in Quebec, it is probably one of the most popular dishes. Almost all restaurants include it in their menu. Some restaurants specialize in the unique making of poutine. With dozens of options for their poutine, with meat, guacamole or even with tomato meat sauce.

 One of them is called La Banquise, open 24 hours a day for everyone’s enjoyment. It is one of the world-famous restaurants in Montreal.

Cocktails and special drinks in Canada

We don’t do things like the rest here in Canada. We make sure that all the tastes and all types of people are satisfied in our big city. By going from strong beer to the chicest drink, our bartenders and brewers always try to push the limits of their products.

Each bar here has its own specific theme. There are places to dance, chat, play pool, or meet new people. In Quebec, it is forbidden to buy alcohol after 11:00 p.m. in stores and most bars close at 3:00 a.m.

I remember once when I was in Montreal’s special bar, Le Saint-Sulpice, the bartender made me try one of the best cocktails of my life. It contains fresh fruit juices with one of the most popular beers in Quebec with a secret ingredient. This drink was like tasting the clouds.

Sport, hockey, Montreal Canadiens

Many people here are proud supporters of Canadians. One of the NHL national hockey teams. It is probably the most watching and practicing sport here in Quebec. The gigantic Bell Center brings together all people of all ages for these unforgettable events. The atmosphere at the Bell Center when the Canadiens play is extraordinary.

The other favorite sport of Montrealers is without doubt soccer or football. Many small restaurants and places are crowded when the soccer world cup is underway.

What to say about Quebec if it is not our women

Let’s get straight to the point, Quebec women are really famous. Their beauties and alluring skills are well known all over the world.

Look at them and you will fall in love for sure! Our women here really take care of themselves and we thank them.

The women of Montreal have something really special.


The city is constantly changing. It is good to live in Montreal, life is peaceful and the downtown area is always crowded with people, even at night. There really is something for all genres. 

If you plan to come to Montreal where you have questions or comments, you can drop us a line right at the bottom of the page.

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