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Top Things To Do in Hawaii: Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, Waikiki, Waimea

What is Hawaii most famous for ?

Hawaii the ‘Paradise of the Pacific’ is an independent U.S. state, it has been the only state that falls in the Pacific Ocean with entire portion covered with beautiful islands. It is also known as the Aloha State.

The Hawaii state majorly coves entire Hawaiian archipelago with near to 137 islands which have a wide spread of more than 1,500 miles. Focusing on the southeastern end of the archipelago in broader scenario, there have been eight main islands which covered most of its demographics, islands are; Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and Hawaii. Most importantly, seven of the islands are inhabited.

However, Hawaii is the most beautiful and largest island in these islands, which is also called “Big Island.” Also, Hawaii has been the 8th smallest geographical state with 11th least populous but densely 13th most populated state within USA where it is compared with 50 other states.

Further, it has mixed plurality of Asians and Americans. Near to 1.5 Million population with mixed combination of permanent residents, U.S. military and visitors. The Honolulu is the largest and capital of this state. On the other side, this state has fourth longest ocean coastline with 750-mile length in entire U.S.

Hawaii joined the U.S. Union as youngest state in August 1959 and still is most recent state till date. Hawaii has famous tree called Kukui (Candlenut), famous flower called Pua Aloalo (Yellow Hibiscus).

The Hawaii State has popular bird named Nene with unique breed around the world. The Hawaii has Mount Waialeale on the Kauai which is one of the wettest places of world and it only receives near to 450 inches on the average rain annually.

best things to do in hawaii

What Hawaiian Island Is Best To Visit ?

Mainly there are near to 137 islands in the entire state, whereas, there are eight main islands which are more famous and popular and covered most of its demographics discussed below;

Hawaii (the Big Island)

The Big Island has been the main and largest island with 4,028 square-mile area which is largest in United States that could be formed by a hotspot in the Earth’s crust. Further, it is the only island that still has been active volcanically.

Hawaiian Volcanoes

The island has three active volcanoes within its radius, including Kilauea, one of the most active and big in the world. Although other volcanoes ‘Dormant Volcano Mauna Kea’ has highest point on this island with 13,796 feet.

Big Island Population

This island has more than 150,000 population with mix composition of different countries. It has largest cities Hilo and Kailua-Kona (normally called Kona). Further, there are numerous popular sites for snorkelling, most common sites are Hapuna Beach and Kahalu’u Beach Park which falls in the west of Big Island.

Moreover, Big Island has numerous entertainment points for the visitors like food spots especially popular Hilo farmers market, waterfalls, lava view and much more.

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Maui Island

This island is second largest among main islands of the Hawaii state with 727 square-mile area coverage. It is also known as Valley Isle which could be its topography reflection. This island holds lowlands all along its coasts and some mountain ranges have been separated through the valleys.

This island carries numerous beaches with beautiful nature look and healthy environment. This island also carries fertile agriculture land which attracts the farmers with diversified options for farming like are coffee, macadamia nuts, flowers, sugar, papaya, and pineapple and much more.

This place is excellent for the tourists for having different experiences and fun. Focusing on the highest point on this island that is Haleakala, a beautiful spot with 10,023 feet. Island has near to 117,644 population with different cultures.

Island has countless famous towns and areas like Kihei, Lahaina, Paia, Kula, and Hana. Other famous spots include Sprawling Haleakala National Park, lava-rock promontories and last but not the least 30 meter long beaches for attracting the tourists.

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Oahu Island

It has been the fabulous Hawaii Island with 597 square-mile area and ranked third highest island in Hawaii. It is also known as the Gathering Place due to its highest population number from others and also it falls in the center of Hawaii’s government and also the state’s economy.

Furthermore, two main mountain ranges which are separated through the valley and also by the coastal plains that ring the island are the details of Oahu’s topography. Famous spots include Oahu’s beaches and shops that make it Hawaii’s most visited islands for the tourists.

Popular places include Pearl Harbor, the North Shore, and Waikiki. It has the population near to 1 million, largest city is Honolulu. This island is also famous for holding largest U.S. Navy fleet as their home in Pacific at Pearl Harbor. This island was used as the site of 1941 WWII’s bombing attack and home to the USS Arizona Memorial.

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Kauai Island

It comes at the fourth number in Hawaii’s largest islands with total area near to 562 square miles. Kauai Island is also called the Garden Isle due to its large portion of undeveloped land and forests area.

However, this island is home of Waimea Canyon and Na Pali Coast state parks and tourism have been the key industry for the Kauai as main source of income due to its ideal location for attracting tourists with 105 miles northwest of Oahu.

This island has the population of around 70,000 people but it has deep history due to the oldest island among main islands in Hawaii. It has been located away from the archipelago’s hotspot.

On the other hand, Kauai is also famous for its high-eroded mountains especially highest point Kawaikini is at 5,243-foot height. However mountain ranges are a bit rugged, steep cliffs and challenging for the hikers.  

Molokai Island

Molokai Island is a beautiful island with fifth largest ranking among eight famous islands in Hawaii with 260 square miles covered area and located 25 miles east of the Oahu which is across the Kaiwi Channel in north of the Lanai Island in U.S.

The Molokai island topography has diversified and distinct volcanic ranges especially two famous volcanoes, which are known as East Molokai and West Molokai. They also carry distinction from other mountains with highest cliffs in the world, also this island is famous for its coral reefs along with its south shore that has the longest fringing reef in the world.

Focusing on the highest point spot on the Molokai Island, Kamakou at 4,961 feet which has been the part in East side of Molokai. This island is majorly in the Maui country with population near to 7,500. Famous venues are the restaurants and beaches in the island attracting tourists to explore these venues.

lanai island mountain

Lanai Island

Lanai Island is at sixth ranked in terms of largest island among main Hawaiian Islands, it has 140 square-mile area and known as famous Pineapple Island in Hawaii due to high ratio of pineapples planation all over the island.

Besides, Lanai is still undeveloped and unpaved roads and infrastructure. However, there are two highly famous resort hotels and two famous golf courses for facilitation of the tourists coming to this island. Although tourism has been supporting the economy of the island.

It has less population with only 3,200 people and only has one small town named as Lanai City. Focusing on the Shipwreck Beach which is quite famous on the northern side of the island which is famous due to offshore wreck of a WWII tanker.

Moreover, island is famous due to green turtles found on the Polihua Beach. Highest point of the island is Lanaihale with elevation 1,030 meter.

Niihau Island

This Niihau Island is inhabited island with just 69.5 square-mile area. Mostly people are unaware of this island, though it is an arid island. It falls in the area of rain shadow of Kauai along with significant intermittent lakes on the island ensuring wetland habitat like plants and animals excluding humans. In other words, Niihau Island is second home of all seabird sanctuaries.

However, island carries beautiful tall and rugged cliffs for attracting tourism but it is non-existent on the island. Although island lies majorly on Navy installations which is located on the cliffs regarding economy. Besides the installations of the military, island is totally undeveloped resulting limited population of 130 people who are mostly Native Hawaiians.

In past 1864, Elizabeth Sinclair purchased Niihau Island for $10,000 from the Kingdom of Hawaii as Private Island which later transferred to their descendants. Entire Island has been managed by brothers Bruce Robinson and Keith Robinson.

Kahoolawe Island

This Kahoolawe Island is the smallest of Hawaii’s main islands having total radius of just 44 square miles similar to Niihau, Kahoolawe Island is also arid and located in rain shadow of Haleakala on Maui.

It has dry landscape with scarcity of water resulting limited scope of humans to get settled with their livings. In past U.S. military used this island for their training execution and bombing range. This island reserves were established in 1933 by the State of Hawaii.

However, any commercial development is prohibited and islands could be used only for Native Hawaiian cultural purposes. It is also uninhabited, located in southwest of Maui and Lanai.

Island has highest point ‘Pu’u Moaulanui’ with 1,483 feet. Island extinct shield volcano majorly, which formed during the Pleistocene epoch. And most of the island has been covered by basaltic lava flows.

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Hawaii Trip and Tour

There could be numerous options availed regarding the comprehensive tour of Hawaii State that allows lush rainforest valleys, lava volcanoes tour, Hawaii volcanoes tour, circle island tours, big island photo tours, National Park tours, and spectacular waterfalls adventure from Kona or Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, world famous Kona Coffee farms and much more.

Trips could be further segregated into 8 different tours regarding main islands of the Hawaii State. It could be countless fun and entertainment at large and small scale, whether individual or family tours. Some of the major tours for exploring Hawaii State could be planned as follows;



Exploring the Kohala Coast of the Big Island has been itself a fabulous adventure in context of numerous popular ancient sites, breathtaking lookouts, hidden coves, and, of course, the Sunset views. On the other hand, magical night has its own delightful experience which can’t be ignored. Also, best astrophotography location on the Big Island of Hawaii has been selected for this mega magical night with dance and exclusive dinner activities.

Focusing on the trip with a glimpse of old Hawaii through drive out to Lapakahi State Park at afternoons then moving to coastal park which has been one of the most well-preserved settlements on the island exhibiting historic value to your photo and video collection.

After then sunset draw views which embrace the changing colours of the sky scenic Kohala Mountain Road. Then dinner in Waimea which provides brilliance of the night sky at a secluded location will increase the entertainment at its peak against the twinkling stars for yet another picture shoot.

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Anther adventurous full-day photography tour could be planned for in-depth look at Big Island’s beauty and diversity. It could be the best trip because Big Island is 8 out of 13 climate zones where it has an abundance of charming and fabulous views which will delight an adventurer alike for the visitors.

First step is to have Saddle Road’s spectacular drive, a highway that has been nestled between the world’s tallest sea mountain ‘Mauna Kea’ and the world’s most massive mountain ‘Mauna Loa.’ Here photography could be done with remarkable views and environment in terms of black lava fields with the caps of these mountains covered in Hawaiian snow.

Further, driving down to explore Hilo town which greets the tourists with a burst of energy as the splendid waterfalls, also tourist can capture famous Akaka and Rainbow Falls from this point with viewing unrivalled power of water coursing down hundreds of feet.

Moreover, scenic Onomea Bay is another delightful sport in Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden where perfect photography could be made. There are true tropical rainforest, also, there are crossing bubbling streams with passing several beautiful waterfalls and the exciting ocean vistas along the rugged Pacific Coast and most importantly flora- over 2000 different species of exotic tropical plants and orchids are there in this island.

Best places to be in Hawaii


Another majestic spot on this island is Waipio Valley, where the tourists can have an off-road vehicle tour fun with delightful views of tallest waterfalls, also visitors can have a swim in these waterfalls, and can have fruits for taste at the private local farms with a full-day trip plan as an exciting adventure.

Once the visitors move from Kona and Kohala the renowned area hotels, head toward the Waipio Valley while passing through Waimea and the Parker Ranch, before switching to a 4WD vehicle to descend into majestic Waipio Valley. It is due to shallow river streams which have been passing all over and pass by taro fields surrounded by native flora and fauna.

Here tourist also spot tallest waterfall called the Hiilawe Falls that cascades down near to 1300 feet in the back of the valley. Here tourist can enjoy the views and can have photography fun, further tourists can enjoy delicious lunch here.

tourist tour of the big island in hawaii


Focusing on the diverse landscape with perfect climate zones of 8 out of 13 in the world, which could be explored through trips to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and rainforests to waterfalls, and stroll black-sand beaches and look for sea turtles.

It could be full-day fun with in-depth look at Hawaii’s youngest and largest island. It could be from desert to rainforest, and pastures to dry forest. Trips could be planned with a start from most majestic waterfalls on the Big Island then covering other spots like discussed already.

Further, dramatic backdrop of verdant cliffs drops into the sparkling blue ocean could be captured through photograph coverage during driving along the Hamakua Coast. Moreover, Akaka Falls could be explored along with the towering near to 442-foot waterfall plummets into a lush ravine at the center of a state park. Also, the Rainbow Falls could also be explored during visits.

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The historic Kona and Farm tour could be the best delightful option in terms of exploring ancient Hawaiian sites, also visit ancient churches and famous Kealakekua Bay.

There tourist often found honey farms and coffee orchard to taste some of the island’s locally made treats with delicious cuisines. Focusing on fascinating history and vibrant culture of the Big Island of Hawaii along the coast and also the historic ancient royal palace.

Tour could be started with Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park then rest of the spots could be explored, further amazing handmade fishponds and seawalls along the beach could be the delightful options during trips to visit, even spot a sea turtle along with monk seals on the salt and pepper sands could be viewed. This trip could be the best adventure for the middle-age people regarding in-depth visit and experience of historic places of Hawaii.

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The beautiful rare black sand beaches along with lava tubes, visit famous Kona Coffee Farm and the spectacular Volcanoes National Park need to be covered in one full-day trip. It could be an adventure with stargazing near Mauna Kea. It could be small-group tours for fun and entertainment.

Tourists can enjoy the delicious local cuisines during their lunch and dinner. It could be a fabulous healthy experience of harvesting and milling process while sampling a warm cup of Kona-grown coffee during tours. Photo-shoot could be done with ancient spots having deep history all around the islands.

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Some Information About Hawaii

Hawaii Population and Impact of Tourism on State’s Economy

According to the Statistical report 2018, the Hawaii has estimated population near to 1,420,500 with average population density of 188.6 persons per square mile and gradual increase of almost 4.42 percent since year 2010.

It also includes net migration of 16,956 people into Hawaii state and net increase of 30,000 people from outside the United States. However, population center has been located on the Oahu Island including large numbers of Native Hawaiians, military people including Navy Personnel and externally for tourism purpose.

Las Vegas has been known as “Ninth Island” of Hawaii which is also a famous and popular tourist spot. According to statistical report 2018, near to 10 Million tourists visited Hawaii during year with an increase of 5.9 percent from the 9,404,346 visitors in 2017.

Financially tourist spent $17.82 billion in 2018 with an increase of 6.8 percent compared to 2017. Furthermore in year 2018, more than 217,000 jobs were created in Hawaii State due to Hawaii’s tourism industry in 2018 with an increase of 6.8 percent from last year 2017. Moreover, airlines business through arrivals increased to 9,827,132 visitors with an increase of 5.9 percent from last year.

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Hawaii Culture

Hawaii has aboriginal culture of Polynesian which is near to 1,500 years old with deep heritage and traditions, it is due to the representation of the northernmost extended area of the vast Polynesian Triangle of the south and central Pacific Ocean.

However, tradition and norms of the Hawaiian culture remains as vestiges in modern Hawaiian society, there are re-enactments often found in the ceremonies and traditions throughout the islands among native residents of the state.

On the other hand, high ratio of diversified visitors from all around the world have brought revolution and popularity in greatly modified form throughout in Hawaiian society.

Focusing on the heritage, the original Hula dance has been originated from old Polynesians that have been voyaged to the entire Hawaiian Islands with immense popularity among tourists and in addition, the annual competition has been held in Hilo which brings Hula Halau from all across the world.

Also, Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling for leisure to travelling from island to island has become international sport that educates and exhibits Hawaiian culture among people globally. Nevertheless, diversified recipes and cuisine especially taro, which was used to make poi has become famous due to its popularity for everyday dietary food.

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Cost of Living in Hawaii

The cost of living in Hawaii is relatively expensive, specifically Honolulu which is similar to the cost of living in other expensive cities and states of worlds. In comparison to major states of U.S., it is near to 6.7 percent lower than in New York City and 3.6 percent lower than in San Francisco besides the travel costs for flights and additional shipping fees.

Focusing on the national median home value that has been near to US$119,600 whereas in Hawaii State median home value has crossed US$272,700 that is more than double, so living in the Hawaii is expensive than other states in the U.S. including the California with a median home value of US$211,500. Cost of living in the Hawaii is usually on the higher side due to the result of several interwoven factors of the global economy especially the U.S.

government trade policy regarding “Sunshine tax” that has increased the values of different living factors. Further, costs to ship goods along with expense of transporting goods across an ocean is quite high due to Jones Act affecting cost of living directly. This ‘Jones Act’ law has made the Hawaii State far less competitive than West Coast ports in U.S.


Hawaii economy has been mainly dominant on these industries; sansal-wood, whaling, coffee, macadamia nuts, livestock, honey, sugarcane, pineapple and other than this mainly on military, tourism and education.

However, from 1959, the tourism has been the main significant industry that has enhanced economic growth of the state with near to 24.3 percent contribution to gross state product (GSP).

Exports of the state have also increased with the valuable export due to consistent climatic environment favouring farmers and industry, according to Agricultural Statistics Service, agricultural sales were near to US$ 370.9 million from agriculture, US$ 100.6 million from pineapple, and US$ 64.3 million from sugarcane.

In 2012, seeds yielded US$ 264 million with the support to almost 1,400 workers. According to Phoenix Marketing International study (2013), Hawaii with ratios near to 7.2 percent is fourth-largest number of millionaires per capita in the United States exhibiting the continuous growth in state economy.

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Hawaii people are mostly Christian, mainly represented through different Protestants, Roman Catholics and Mormons. However, the non-denominational churches have near to 128 congregations along with 32,000 members.

The second popular religion is Buddhism, especially regarding the archipelago’s Japanese community. In year 2010, the number of adherents were near to 250,000 with Roman Catholic Church which was the largest denominations.

According to the report of the state; Christians have 29 percent ratio, Buddhism 9 percent, Judaism 1 percent, other 10 percent and Unaffiliated with 51 percent (Hawaii, 2011). Unaffiliated ratio is high due to the high ratio of the external migrants living in the Hawaii state.

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Language and Ancestry

There are two languages English and Hawaiian that are listed as Hawaii’s official languages according to the 1978 constitution of the Hawaii state regarding Article XV, Section 4.

Mostly English language is used due to lesser number of the native Hawaiians in comparison to high numbers of visitors. According to the State report in year 2008, near to 75 percent residents use English language as their native language at home.

On the other side, as per the 2010 State report, the state’s population mainly determined the Asians with 38.6 percent; White with 24.7 percent; 23.6 percent people from two or more races; Native Hawaiians with 10 percent; Africans and black Americans with 10.5 percent; Other races with 1.2 percent; and Native American and Alaska Native with 0.3 percent.


Focusing on the Hawaiian economy that has major portion of tourism with increasing trend and support to economic growth, according to 2018 statistical report, visitors spending generated near $2.08 billion for contributing the state tax revenue with an increase of 6.8 percent and about $133.1 million from last year 2017.

Reason for increasing trend the number of visitors is due to mild year-round weather throughout the year that favours tourist travel especially in months of the winter. The annual Merrie Monarch Festival, long-running LGBT film festival, the Rainbow Film Festival and Hawaii International Film Festival are also the reason for attraction of visitors and economic growth of state.


Hawaii State could be the best adventure one could have in their life regarding ancient places and delightful along with breathtaking natural wonder and exotic beauty of the islands all around the state.

It always has been the attraction for the tourists during their vacations which could be seen through annual reports, near to 9,827,132 visitors used airlines for travelling to Hawaii State last year 2018 which has been the increasing figure with 5.9 percent from last year 2017.

This shows the increasing trend among tourists. Also, visitors spending generated near $2.08 billion for contributing the state tax revenue. On the other side, Hawaii has aboriginal culture of Polynesian which is near to 1,500 years old with deep heritage and traditions which attract the tourist for exploring historic spots within the state.

To summarize the economic growth of state, Hawaii economy has been mainly dominant on these industries; sansal-wood, whaling, coffee, macadamia nuts, livestock, honey, sugarcane, pineapple and other than this mainly on military, tourism and education.

These local foods help the residents to earn their cost of living through these delicious cuisines for the tourist during their trips and tours. Beaches, waterfalls, parks and black-sand beaches along with volcanoes also attract the tourists to visit this place. In the end, Hawaii State needs to be explored for having best delightful experience of different natural wonders and exotic beauty on earth.

To conclude, seep sea surfing and fishing, Snorkelling, Mountain Tubing, parasailing with 1200 feet in air, Whale watching and so many other things are there which need to be explored through tours and trips to this heaven on earth.


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