Benefits of Group Travel (with friends or co-worker)

Traveling is more to the soul than to foot

Traveling does not require any expensive plane tickets or big-budget vehicles. What it does ask for is an adventure, exploration, culture, and the air. The traveling must be high on supreme. The pleasure traveling can give is immeasurable as if you have conquered the world’s secret to living.

Most people think to pursue traveling as a career all they need is tickets, finance or expensive luggage.

But that’s not the reality, for traveling you have to have yourself, your existence.

Traveling can be done on foot, by roads, in streets, train, bus, plane, ship or any other means of transport that traverse you from a place to another.

Traveling is not just an idea to see the world but to feel the world

Knowing the fact what traveling can give and what it can take away from you. It can take away your stress, the dilemma to life, bulging, it also gives you the right to see the world with your eyes. 

People think traveling is putting your money into useless stuff. This is because they haven’t felt the essence of it. The idea is not just to see but to ask more. It’s a thirst for knowing more and involving in more.

I know most people have families and other busy schedules that restrict them to do so. I assure to go for traveling once in your lifetime and you will see the answer to the doubling questions you have been asking yourself.

Have you heard the most common proverb “Keep your friendships in repair ‘’ by Samuel Butler. I think traveling somewhere gives a chance to perform the saying into action.

You need time to repair the old relations but don’t let the time run quickly. Make the most of it.

Friends are the ones that are close to our hearts, somehow they know our likes and dislikes and that’s where it helps us.

Why you should group travel

It has been a long debate between group and solo traveling. Some prefer to go for a solo trip and some for groups. The difference that can be detected is the level of comfort. Some are good at managing all the key requirements a trip needs. Also, some are a bit scary for a long journey going alone. Most of them who travel alone are either wanderlust, writers or couple.

But at last, it depends upon how you choose to be okay with your footsteps.

Also, on the other hand, the perks of traveling in a group have their benefits. Much interesting and much ongoing. If you see yourself as a newbie to the world or have just started traveling. Choose to with a circle of your close friend or family.

To know more and discover what the world has for you. Travel as much as you can. It gives a diversity of opinions and the dimensions for the restricted vision we have.

Benefits traveling with friends

Friends like family the one who keeps a track of your med, food, gossips, clothes and many more. It helps to have a good trip with them.

They are aware of your longing and luggage. They know which color bag or bottle you have, and it will help you where there’s a crowd and you could stand a chance of losing your baggage.

Some of your friends are good at photography. They also have their cameras, battery chargers, socket, cosmetics, medication, and other stuff too.

A good company is what makes a trip memorable. Bonfire, camping, hiking, local transport, recording the moments. All sum up for a great trip.

So, when are you heading to a new journey!

Some tittle-tattle tales on the way. I swear it’s more fun than a journey, and if your friends are bad at comedy but still they punch a silly joke it’s more entertaining. Similarly, like a therapy that is costless.

If your friendship is more than 10 years, this should be an obligatory tour. Celebrate your friend’s anniversary. The moment you cherished, the time you saw, the odds and ends, the joy. Correspondingly tell the world you had the best time.

Having friends assist in maintaining psychological stability according to the Maslow hierarchy of needs. They become the source for your belonging and self-confidence. The sense of importance has been given to you by them through care and nourishment.

What about group traveling?

If you are heading for a group traveling. Don’t carry about too much weight like a valuable item.  You can either divide the material into a few of your friends. One can bring toothpaste, charger, handkerchief, eatable items, or any other thing. This will lessen the weight you are carrying.

Be prepared for the unexpected, but you have friends. You will have traveling issues like sickness, sunburn, mosquitos, food poisoning, flight delayed, no hotel for the night, jammed credit cards or tiresome. So, don’t worry you’ll enjoy the company and the time will eventually pass.

Best advice for travels; do new things!

Try something new that you are afraid of performing solo. Friends uplift courage. If you are afraid of long walks, mountain climbing, sailing, scuba diving or Bungee jumping. Someone will be on your back.

Laugh more and burn more calories. Laughter is a strong medicine no doubt it keeps a strong bond. Traveling comes with benefits and group traveling with more benefits. Laugh is a good medicine especially with the ones you are familiar with. It’s not easy to forget the one you have laughed, smiled or giggled with. Because these the moments we desire to hold in your life.

Take the one whom you are comfortable with in expressing any emotion. It can be your spouse, children, colleague, friends or also family. Taking them with you will be a great source of happiness in your basket.

With a bundle of friends, the trip initially does not cost much. The expenses are merged either on foods. Local service, hotel (I prefer a guest house). Responsibility is also divided which reduces the anxiety tension while traveling.

What about group photography?

A group photo is a must. Make sure to add that to your travel journal. Wait! Do you even have a travel diary? If no, please prepare a traveling journal. The one that traces your path, collection of memories with pictures, what you feel, how you liking Paris? Write small things. It will give you an insight into the trip.

One of the comfortable benefits that I think while traveling with friends is, it keeps you secure and safe. At least I’m not that afraid if I’m with my friends. Not that scared for snatching or bullying on the corner of the streets. That’s where a company matters the most. A sense of comfortability and safety.

How to schedule a group traveling

Usually, this has been the main root cause for beginners to not travel. You are unaware of how to manage all the stuff resting in your offices or homes.

But I think we have a solution to it

Stick to traveling at least once in a year. If you will set this as a priority, I’m sure you will follow this to an extent.

Celebrate small or big happiness by traveling. Traveling will double the amount of joy of the particular moment in your life.

Either dairy or journal the schedule to it.

Ask friends, relatives or colleagues about which place would be great for a visit. This will create an interest to move out to see places like this.

Deepen the interest you have. If you are a mysterious historical person. Check the museum in Russia or Spain. Explore the depth of your passion.

How to do it?

Start saving money for trips. Whatever you earn you can keep aside a small amount to be used for a trip.

Research the place before you buy the tickets. Be positive about the decision for the place you want to travel to. Its better you seek an interesting place that matches your genre. It will help in making you more enthralled by the place.

You can start a minor small business. All the money you will be earning can be either used for a yearly trip along with family or friends.

Don’t panic. Relax! If you want to go. You will go. As long as you desire to go.

Approach different travel agencies. All the travel agencies differ from each other in prices and perks. It will broaden the perspective.

Ask for help. Don’t feel shy. If you want to travel. You can approach people for the loan or your boss for the money to lend you.

The best travel place are sometime closer than you think

Traveling never means an international trip. It can also be exploring your country, the streets, the area you have never been to. You can also schedule Sundays for family day roaming in the northern or southern sides of the region. It will not cost you much.

Plan your budget before going on a trip. All the material you will be needing before and after the journey. I guarantee you, write this on a piece of paper or a diary. It will manage your stress.

Purpose for traveling

It has been world’s most desirable job. People love wandering and exploring the things they have never seen.

As it has been mentioned in the article above, that how traveling can be made easy.

But the major issues revolves around why you need traveling? What is the purpose of your traveling?

No doubt things without purpose are extremely low spirit. There are several determination to the purpose of traveling.

  1. Helps in keeping your creativity
  2. Explore the world with a new vision
  3. Learn the art of different states
  4. Step out of your comfort zone
  5. Social life is healthy
  6. Fun, fun and fun
  7. Journey meditation
  8. Sense of hope and courage
  9. New taste for food
  10. Great for mental health

The bottom line

There’s always a conclusion to the decision you need to take. And I think that I have decided to travel more and more in my life. To see the world until I’m breathing. The world is a great place to see your introspection journey. You find your existence close to you.

You feel courageous and hope to exist in the world. The diverse nature of different humans on the earth could be beautiful of all. If you can choose one thing, I will refer you to choose traveling

Happy travel days…!

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