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Most Popular Things to do for a tourist in Cancun Mexico

What’s can i do in Cancun?

Mexico is a country with a great cultural and natural wealth that offers you a range of incredible places to visit.

With its renowned gastronomic variety, its colorful settings, the plurality, and mixture of ethnic races, the sound, and diversity of its languages, ​​and especially for the warmth of its people.

Highlighting Cancun as one of the favorite places for both foreign and national tourists for its beautiful crystalline beaches and mysterious Mayan sites. In case you are looking for adults-only Cancun resorts with all -inclusive, this website can be the right place. Temptation Cancun Resort is part of Original Group, a global leader in the adult vacation industry.

temple and historic places in cancun

The Mayan Ruins.

The Mayan culture was one of the most advanced civilizations in the Americas; the imposing temples and pyramids that you can see here are considered a world heritage site.

You can see ancient ruins in Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba, and Uxmal.

Chichen Itza.

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and enigmatic places to visit in Cancun is Chichen Itza for its pre-Hispanic buildings of Mayan origin.

The Mayan name of Chichen Itzá translated into Spanish means “Boca del Pozo (Chichen), of the water sorcerers (Itzá).

Here you can visit the Kukulcan temple where you can appreciate an impressive throne of a stone jaguar inlaid with jade.

You can also visit the Chichen Itza Ball Game and there admire the jaguar’s temple and the tiger’s temple. Another place that will surprise you is the Caracol, an observatory that was used to know which the best season to sow was.

If you have not yet been surprised, come to the Sacred Cenote where it is believed that in the past the inhabitants of this portentous place celebrated human sacrifices, very common among the pre-Hispanic settlers of the different cultures that formed the territory.

Parish of the Risen Christ.

This avant-garde Catholic parish began to be built in 2000.

What characterizes it is that behind its altar is a huge sculpture of the Risen Christ, but the peculiar thing is that this image offers us a Christ without pain and suffering, and at the source of its gardens you can praise the Virgin of Guadalupe surrounded by roses, and whom Juan Diego bows.

It is important to mention that the “brunette,” the Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexicans.

Tortugas beach.

This is one of the best beaches in Cancun because you can swim, dive or simply enjoy the local atmosphere.

On this beach with crystal clear turquoise waters you can also practise water sports, rest in one of its hammocks and enjoy a drink and the typical food of the place in one of the restaurants scattered throughout it.

Delfines Beach.

If you prefer tranquility, come to Playa Delfines which is not very crowded.

Although this beach has strong waves and the waves can betray you, you can visit with children quietly as there are lifeguards who supervise them.

This turquoise-blue water beach is ideal for surfers because of the magnitude of the waves.

Isla Mujeres.

This small island is only a few minutes from Cancun, but it is well worth knowing since it is a mixture of nature and culture of the place.

You can enjoy the rainforest and the legacy of the Mayan civilization. Here you can swim with dolphins, go diving, visit the Mayan ruins and enjoy the typical food in the restaurants in the area.


If you want to relax come to this wonderful island with incredible reefs and beautiful turquoise-blue waters if this colour characterizes the Cancun Sea and, of course, the fine white sand of its beaches.

Here you can visit the island’s museum, enjoy diving or explore its enigmatic virgin jungle.

If you are lucky, you can see the sea ​​turtle and the white turtle, which by the way is the largest species among the turtles and is in danger of extinction.


Tulum and Xel-ha.

You can take a “tour” that will take you to the extraordinary archaeological zone of Tulum, whose meaning of this Mayan word translated into Spanish is “Maya Wall”, here you can admire the ancient ceremonial center and the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea; And if you ask for a guided tour you can listen to the exciting history of this walled city.

After this incredible visit, the walk will continue to Xel-ha, which means “birth of water,” considered as a natural wonder of the Riviera Maya.

In the Xel-ha cove, you can snorkel and admire the marine life and the great variety of multicoloured fish. You can also visit the Meliponario where you can try medicinal honey and visit the ancient Mayan Wall.

Maya Museum of Cancun.

Are you interested in learning more about the Mayan culture? Do not miss this fascinating museum of an avant-garde design that was opened in 1982.

This Museum is a work of the National Institute of Anthropology and History and protects the most significant archaeological cultures of the Mayan culture that represent Palenque, Chichen Itza, and Comalcalco.

If you visit the museum you will also have access to the archaeological zone of San Miguelito, where you can see how the native people lived before the arrival of the Spaniards and the ruins of a temple.

In the first room, you will learn about the archaeology of Quintana Roo, in the second room about the Mayan civilization and the third room, you will see temporary exhibitions with the common theme of the museum.

Nichupte lagoon.

The lagoon has seven lakes with it. At this place, you can ride a boat through the jungle. The ride is called the Jungle Tour. It is one of the most popular activities in the Nuchupte Lagoon.

Rio Secreto.

For nothing in the world, you should miss a visit to this place since it has incredible natural beauty.

Here you can walk through an underground river of turquoise-blue crystalline waters and admire the stalactites and stalagmites in peculiar ways that you will see on your tour.

This walk will surprise even the most demanding since it is one of the new natural wonders of the world.

You will walk 600 metres walking, swimming or diving inside this flooded cave in the company of a guide who will provide you with information about the history of the place. Do not miss it!

Garrafón Park.

This wonderful park is located approximately 25 minutes from Cancun, in the southern part of Isla Mujeres. In this natural wonder you can snorkel, kayak, zip lines, swim with dolphins, take cliff trips or just rest in a comfortable and traditional hammock.

Not only will you appreciate the natural beauties, but you will also find ruins of the Mayan culture.

You can also visit the lighthouse and the sculpture garden.

And at all times you can enjoy a drink, delicious seafood or typical local food in the bars and restaurants found in the area.

The King’s Archaeological Zone.

If you want to continue learning about the enigmatic Mayan culture, do not forget to visit this archeological zone, which is one of the most important in Cancun and is made up of 47 pre-Hispanic structures.

The name of these ruins is because when two foreign travellers visited the site they saw a sculpture that, from their point of view, looked like a noble character and hence the name “The King.”

If you want to see the head of this sculpture, visit the Archaeological Museum of Cancun.

Underwater Museum of Art.

This phenomenal underwater museum was built in 2009 in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc.

You will be able to appreciate mysterious sculptures mixed with components of nature and marine life; from human figures, a dog, a car and a house as decoration of a giant natural fishbowl full of life with multicoloured fish and coral born from them.

You will appreciate the 475 sculptures that the museum exhibits, among which you will find the Cross of the Bay, Man in Flames, The Collector of Dreams, Bacab, Anthropocene, The Silent Evolution, A Beetle and The Promise.

Tajamar boardwalk.

The tajamar boardwalk is another great place to visit. The view is simply amazing!


If you want a more secluded and less crowded place, come to Holbox Island. This is a small island, which, like other places in Cancun, is considered a natural paradise.

The meaning of its name is “Black Hole.’ Here you can explore the island on horseback in a two-hour walk, practice fishing, take a boat ride to see the nearby islands or swim next to the whale shark.

If you are a bird lover, do not forget to go to the island of the Birds, a sanctuary of various species of birds; you will appreciate a diversity of species living in their natural habitat.

Puerto Juarez.

National and foreign tourists visiting Cancun are already advised of the excellent cuisine based on the fruits of the sea enjoyed in the city. Most of those rich fish, shellfish, and mollusks are landed at one of the docks of Puerto Juárez, a picturesque place where a few Cancunns who prefer to work outdoors, rather than wear a hotel uniform. It is the boarding point towards Isla Mujeres, a nearby destination that we will recommend later.

Scenic Tower.

The tower is a great place to take pictures, shoot videos or simply enjoy the landscapes of Cancun. It can be raised 85 metres and the perspective at 360 ° allows you to see everything around. From there you can admire the Caribbean Sea in all its immensity and its shades of blue. You can also see the city, the hotel zone and the Nichupté Lagoon. It is near the sea and the Calinda Bridge.

This article provides information about tourist destinations in Cancun Mexico. Hence the tourist must consider the above-stated places because Cancun is the best tourism spot and well known for its honeymoon vacation spot also.

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