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What Can You Do Special and Unique in Dubai (UAE)

Things to do for a tourist in Dubai

Dubai may be a miracle of design, a vertical town that has flourished within the desert and one in all the most effective destinations to fancy the sun all year. Traditional souks and markets, the most important looking centers, theme parks… From the desert to the ocean, and from looking to athletics, the metropolis offers you everything that fashionable cities will only dream of. Glamorous, modern and a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. I present the places you should include in your list of sites to visit when you are in the city.

Burj Khalifa

At 828 meters high, it is difficult not to see the Burj Khalifa. Naturally, the tallest tower in the world dominates the silhouette of the city, but the majesty of the building can be seen in all its splendor from near, or, better still, from within. On clear days, the views from the observation deck of the 124th floor are really impressive, the only thing that surpasses them are the views from the luxurious At The Top Sky Lounge on the 148th floor. If you feel like staying in the clouds, there is no better place than the Atmosphere, on the 122nd floor.

Dubai Mall

Right next to the Burj Khalifa, you’ll realize The metropolis Mall. To say that this extensive urban project is a simple commercial center is to do it a disservice. With an entire day, it is not enough to see everything it houses. In addition to its more than 1200 stores and 150 restaurants, this establishment has an indoor theme park, an ice skating rink, a huge indoor waterfall, an outdoor choreographed fountain, and the gigantic Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain, located at the foot of the iconic Burj Khalifa, outside the gates, is the largest system of choreographed fountains in the world. This popular water dance show consists of water jets that reach 150 meters high in the air. Each colorful jet moves to the rhythm of several musical numbers from around the world, creating what has become one of the most popular shows in Dubai. Two-afternoon passes are offered (at 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.), except on Fridays (at 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.), while night passes start at sunset and take place every half an hour until the last song plays at 23:00.

Palm Jumeirah

An artificial palm-shaped island is one of the things that explain why Dubai locals say “only in Dubai.” Palm Jumeirah is one of the largest artificial islands in the world and a triumphant symbol of human ingenuity. Residents and tourists alike enjoy the wide range of top-notch hotels in the area, such as the Waldorf Astoria, the Fairmont, the One & Only, the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray and, perhaps more importantly, the iconic Atlantis, The Palm. The monorail that runs along the “trunk” communicates with the tram system of the peninsula, so it is very easy to reach.

Dubai Creek

Dubai may be famous for the glitz and glamor of its towering buildings, but the heart of the city really is and will always be the river. This saltwater estuary is the place where the Bani Yas tribe settled, and its waters were crucial for what was the main economic engine of the city: fishing and pearl hunting. Today, this area gathers the history of the emirate, as it houses the Dubai Museum, as well as the labyrinthine lanes of the souks of gold, spices, and fabrics. When visiting the estuary, it is essential to take a traditional boat ride or open, which also has an incredible price of 1 AED per ticket. Without a doubt, the tourist attraction with the best value for money in the city.

The walk and the beach at JBR

Those who like to shop, eat out, watch a movie and go to the beach, all in one place, should consider visiting The Beach, in front of JBR. With guest DJs playing the best music on weekends, an outdoor cinema and a famous water park to keep the little ones entertained for an hour or two, JBR is always brimming with activity.

Kite beach

Beach Kite Beach, whose name is not painted him, is the ideal place to test their athletic skills at sea, but in this popular enclave, there is also plenty to do outside the water. You can order a fruit smoothie in one of the many restaurants and outdoor cafes located a few steps from the beach, watch the cyclists and skaters pass at lightning speed in the new skate park or sign up for a volleyball game. With so many beach activities, in addition to great views of the Burj Al Arab, it is very easy to spend a whole day in this place.

Dubai Marina

Glimpse the future in the largest artificial marina in the world, Dubai Marina. Marvel at some of the tallest apartment buildings in the world while walking along the Dubai Marina Walk or see them from the sea, sailing from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

The desert

Less than a 20-minute drive from the modern streets of Downtown Dubai, you can experience the wonders of the Arabian Desert, the original tourist attraction of Dubai. Sign up for a desert safari in the Dubai style, with driving in the dunes, quads, and sandboarding followed by traditional barbecues, henna paintings, and camel rides. You can also choose to take the car and live the amazing desert on an adventure of your own. For lovers of luxury, we recommend a heritage safari with dinner. Does that one day seem little? Give yourself an unforgettable night among the dunes at the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa or the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa.

Al Fahidi Historical District

The historic Al Fahidi neighborhood in Bur Dubai is one of the oldest in the city. The best way to get to know this area, which offers a nostalgic look at a bygone era of wind towers and labyrinthine alleyways, is on foot. You can visit the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU), where you will have the opportunity to participate in Arabic classes, heritage tours and guided visits to the mosque that will help you better understand the Dubaitian culture. After exploring, ride in a picturesque open, a traditional wooden boat, to reach the souks located on the other side of the estuary.

Dubai water channel

The Dubai Water Channel is a waterway that extends 3.2 km from the Dubai estuary, in the old town, to Business Bay, before emptying into the Persian Gulf. The Dubai Canal will create 80,000 square meters of public spaces and facilities along the shore, among which there will be new recreational areas such as the 3 km running track and the 12 km cycling channel. The beautiful waterfall of the canal can be seen from the Business Bay of Dubai, or you can see the views from one of the newest hotels in Dubai, such as the W Hotel and St Regis. The Atrium enclosure is a set of five restaurants that are also located along the edge of the canal.

Madinat Jumeirah

For an experience that combines tradition and luxury, you should go there. The literal translation of the name of this complex inspired by an ancient citadel is “city of Jumeirah”. You can also ride aboard a traditional wooden boat or open to better contemplate the canals and architecture.

Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera House, located in the new “Opera district”, right in the center of Dubai, offers an attractive program comparable to that of the West End of London or Broadway in Manhattan.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

The varied leisure offer promises constant fun for the whole family, which will also find restaurants and shops.

City Walk

With an area of ​​13,000 square meters, City Walk reminds of the pedestrian areas of Europe and promises a pleasant vehicle-free ride. Take a walk through its tree-lined avenues full of shops and restaurants. Look up to discover skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa in the city center. You will also find fountains, playgrounds and many places to sit outdoors.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai is on its way to becoming a true entertainment paradise thanks to the inauguration of Dubai Parks and Resorts. The little ones will not be able to hide their excitement before this maze of gigantic theme parks such as Motion gate ™, Bollywood Parks ™, and LEGOLAND®, while adults can relax on the Riverland Boulevard, which has restaurants and a wide range of leisure activities. The luxury Polynesian-style hotel, The Lapita ™, is located within the theme park, offering guests easy access to all establishments.

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is one of the most recent additions to the city’s urban landscape and represents an important engineering feat. Located inside the Zabeel Park in Dubai, between the old and the new city, this elevated structure offers wonderful panoramic views of the city at 500 foots high. One of its most amazing features is the cutting-edge glass walkway that connects the vertical parallel towers to create the shape of a photo frame. The Dubai Frame has quickly become a must-see attraction for those who visit the city, and also for locals.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab calls itself “The only hotel in the world of 7 stars” and, whether you agree or not, it is without a doubt one of the most iconic buildings in Dubai. With a height that rises to 321 meters, the Burj was designed to resemble a wind-blown sail. There are several places from which you can take amazing photos, but one of the best is the public beach that is right next door. It is one of the most photographed buildings in the world and one of the most luxurious hotels too. It is too expensive to stay here, but here is a tip: go have a drink at the Dhow and Anchor at the hotel directly opposite (the Jumeirah Beach) and sit on the terrace to enjoy the views.

Jumeirah Mosque

A must-see place, the Jumeirah Mosque is in the Fatimid style and is a good example of Islamic architecture. Together with the Center for Cultural Understanding, Sheikh Mohammed promotes intercultural dialogue and a greater understanding of Islam. There are guided tours for non-Muslims 6 days a week, at 10 in the morning. You have to dress with decorum.

This Article is just portray of what Dubai has to offer for tourism but it is my recommendation for the tourist to must visit this city of wonders.


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