How To Clean Golf Clubs On A Course

Some people say that only people who spend more on stuff like golf clubs would waste their time trying to get it cleaned, that is wrong.

No one cares how much you got your golf clubs, they don’t also care where you must have gotten this golf course from because the only thing that matters to the people there with you is that the club would have to prove itself and be of use for which you have bought it for.

When you also treat your golf clubs well, they always look nee and shiny on the course.

Again, not minding how you must have gotten the club or how much you must have paid for It if you can manage to clean and take care of it then it will serve for years.

Some people sell off their golf clubs when they feel like it. After proper usage, when you feel like selling it, the price you get when you want to resell would only be good when you take care of it.

You want a good golf course, treat your golf clubs like the Balenciaga you have in your closet.

Sometimes you might not be sure of the best way to clean your golf course, well, we have a good guide here that shows the best way to clean your golf course.

What Are The Things Needed To Clean Your Golf Course?

The materials you need for this exercise won’t even require you to go out to buy anything because you would have most of them at your disposal.

A good place to properly do this is on a deck in the house, a place where you can just chill and then clean the number of clubs you can at your pace.

You could even do this and be drinking tea at the same time.

As for the materials you need, a small bucket with clean water inside would be very good for this process, a detergent or any liquid soap that you use to wash dishes, a brush, and a towel.

Among the items, the most significant one in there would be the brush. There are golf jobs used for doing things like this or an old toothbrush will be good too.

If you have a golf brush, it is advisable to put it in the bag where your golf clubs are.

You might not have all these materials at your disposal when you are already on the course but with your brush, you could clean your golf club with the help of a towel.

How Do You Clean Your Golf Irons?

When going through a lecture that is aimed at teaching you how a golf club is cleaned, then you should always remember that your irons are very important parts that you must clean, and so you should learn the steps followed to do that.

It has been proven by a lot of players that your iron has less efficiency when it is left to be dirty.

The grooves that are found on the front of your irons are good to help you spin the ball giving it a lot of room to land directly on the grass.

When your irons are left to be dirty like that, they are not able to do this much work, so when your irons are cleaned, they fly all the way to where you want it to.

The long-awaited steps that are followed to clean irons:

  1. The iron should be put into the water directly
  2. Make sure you use the brush to clean up the whole grooves on the iron.
  3. The towel should be used to clean the dirt
  4. The iron should go back into the water
  5. Use a towel to dry off the clubs
  6. Do this exact thing twice or more than so that the whole dirt goes out.

It isn’t advisable to put the clubs in the bag immediately after you have finished cleaning it, keep it on one side until you are done with the whole set, and make sure the air dries it out.

Give utmost attention to the grooves on the iron when in the course, just clean the grooves every now and then when you are on the course to make sure it performs well.

How Do You Clean The Golf Woods?

Although this isn’t common anymore no one plays with wooden golf woods nowadays but still, it is best to earn how to take care of your golf clubs, whether wooden or metal.

We have the steps for you if you want to clean your wooden golf clubs. The woods we talk about are drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids.

For other fact that you are taking it out of a term, the driver should not take in much dirt because it wouldn’t cost you anything to keep it clean.

Tyr grooves in wooden clubs are not very deep unlike the ones on the irons, with that said, we know that they cannot take in as much dirt as the irons do.

It is still best to keep the woods clean because when they are dirty, the wooden clubs caused the ball to move in a way that you don’t want it to.

The best way to clean your wooden clubs are as follows:

  1. Dip the wood inside the water completely
  2. Clean the whole head entirely with your brush
  3. Put the wood back into the water
  4. Wipe off the wetness by using the towel

Don’t put in the head cover of the club instantly as you finish with the cleaning process.

Wait for the whole moisture to be taken out so the bad odor doesn’t stick.

How To Get Your Shaft And Grip Clean

Most times when cleaning your clubs, golfers often tend to leave their grips and shaft dirty thinking that it doesn’t matter that much or sometimes they just forget about the whole thing.

The grips and shaft are also very important to help you get your good long-term performance from your clubs.

We have a good guide that would help you clean your shaft and grips very well while on the course.

Get a towel, a very small-sized towel, get the towel moist so you can use them to dry off the shafts and grips.

Take another dry towel out and use it to dry off the moist from the other towel.

When you notice that the dirt on the clubs isn’t the kind that would just go out from using a moist towel, you can implore the cleaning strategy used for the clubs.

Till today, some people don’t know that they don’t necessarily need to change their grips, all that needs to be done is to clean it and it would be perfectly clean.

When a grip is dirty, it has this slick feeling that makes it feel weird while playing, just clean it and restore its comfort. 

The best way to take care of your golf grips:

  1. Put your small towel inside the mixture of your golf club
  2. Rub the grip down using the wet towel
  3. Use the other towel to dry the grip
  4. Keep it outside in the open so it gets dry.
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