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Simple Yet Unique Ways to Discover the Tuscan Landscape

Florence stands in the centre of the Tuscan region in Italy, surrounded by stunning sloping hills, a lush countryside with magnificent vineyards and a striking coastal line.

To experience the hidden secrets of the area, there are a number of day trips that are worth taking to explore the natural landscape – whether that’s by foot or by car.

Vintage Vespa and Vintage Fiat Tour


One of the top things to do in Tuscany is to take a tour in some of the vintage vehicles that characterise the image of Italian pop culture.

Vintage Vespa tours zip through the countryside on restored vintage scooters, riding through the sunny hills of the area past Mediterranean villas, exquisite castles, olive groves and vineyards. What better way to see the sites while feeling like a local?

Similarly, the vintage 1960s Fiat 500 lets you explore the landscape under the direction of a local guide who remains in contact via radio. Plus, the guide shares a commentary of the sights so you’ll be sure not to miss any important details. Drive along inside this authentic, famous vehicle for an experience you’ll never forget!

Cinque Terre Hiking Day Trip

For the athletic types looking for a charming way to explore the area, the Cinque Terre Hike is among the best things to do in Tuscany. Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is a UNESCO-protected coastal region, which is undoubtedly one of the most stunning sights across all of Italy.

The day trip lasts approximately 12 hours, and while it may sound intimidating at first, visitors agree that it is well-worth the effort to hike along the rugged coastline.

On the hike, you pass through a total of five local villages that include Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso. All of these towns are each unique in their own right and promise different experiences as well as atmospheres. During this particular tour, there is a portion that includes a train trip and a boat ride, creating the ultimate route across the coast.

Although the areas have become popular tourist destinations over time, these former fishing villages remain undeniably authentic to their local traditions and distinct charm.

The route unfolds as follows: the first stop is Manarola, which then leads to Corniglia. This path dots out a cliff trail with gorgeous panoramic views. After pausing in Corniglia, the trail continues along to Vernazza. The subsequent stop is at Monterosso, which is reached by train. To reach the final stop in Riomaggiore, a boat ride across the water rounds of a perfect hiking trip leaving you to simply sit back, relax, and look out from a pretty unique vantage point.

With an endless list of things to do in Tuscany, organised day-trips allow you to make the most of the trip and explore the beautiful scenery that the region has to offer.

Author Plate Mauro Bramante is the Director of WalkAbout Florence, an independent business offering a number of exciting opportunities when it comes to things to do in Florence.

Whether you want to ride a Vintage Vespa, try the famous Chianti wine or get cooking with fresh local ingredients, Mauro’s company promises excitement, adventure and above all, fun.

If you’re keen to experience the magic of Italy with the help of some passionate and knowledgeable tour guides, look no further than WalkAbout Florence for your next getaway.

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