Why Choose Educational Tours Close to Home?

School trips are a vital part of the educational curriculum. While we can’t argue with the benefits of learning inside the classroom, getting out and about and putting theoretical learning into practice is invaluable for students.

Taking young people out of the confines of the classroom has infinite advantages and can often help with increasing confidence, promoting team work, sparking interest and manifesting enjoyment in a subject that perhaps would otherwise be classed as ‘boring’.

With the help of an excellent educational tour operator, the opportunities for school trips are vast, but it is important to remember that, while there is a big wide world out there to explore, we also have an incredible array of opportunities in the UK. You do not need to visit far flung destinations for your students to gain a valuable study experience.

Advantages of Staying Close to Home

  • The Cost

There’s no denying that school trips cost money and many families don’t have huge amounts of disposable income to spend on these kind of extracurricular activities. With this in mind, trips in the UK can be much more attractive to many parents. There is still the excitement of going away, having time out of the classroom and experiencing new and interesting things, but with an appealing price tag.

You can choose a local trip, depending on where you are based, even with a one-night option, such as a night discovering the Normans in Durham, parents will get a huge amount for their money.

  • Time Effective

By cutting out the long distance travel element of a trip and opening the door to shorter, local visits, you are maximising the time available for learning. The UK is a fascinating country that has so much for young people to discover, and yet we often overlook it as a feasible destination to explore. By considering the different regions of the country for all manner of subject based trips, you can cut down the time required for getting to and from places, which is a real bonus, both time and money wise.

For most schools, a trip to London is within easy reach, for example. The city has endless educational opportunities and, without excess time spent on travel, you can make the most of every hour.

  • Historical Value

It is all very well learning about the history of other countries but we should not forget that the history of our own is just as important, and arguably more relevant. By exploring history on the doorstep, students get more of a sense of their place in the world and can potentially put things into context much more easily. Exploring a subject close to home might also strike a chord with students, or be more likely to spark interest and promote the potential of further study.

York and its link to the Vikings is a fascinating history topic, and a trip to visit the Yorvik museum is one that can be booked through any reputable educational tour operator.

  • Cultural Value

Exploring the fascinating cultures of our world is, of course, a pleasure, but we do have a tendency to forget what we have on our doorstep. The UK is relatively small in physical area, but within it the cultures, traditions, and even beliefs vary widely. We live in a hugely diverse place and the culture is directly relevant to us, so students will benefit a great deal from learning about it.

Liverpool is a popular destination of choice when it comes to school trips, and there’s so much to learn about in this city of culture.

It is surprising how much we actually have right in front of us. After all, many people travel many miles to visit our wonderful county. Contact an educational tour operator and talk through your options regarding a UK based trip. They will soon have you seeing that it is a great destination in so many ways.

Author Plate John Gardiner is the Managing Director of The School Travel Company, an educational tour operator specialising in educational trips in destinations all over the world.

The company works school trip organisers to design the ideal educational travel experience and provide young people with immersive learning experiences they are sure to remember forever.

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