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The Top 18 Destinations That You Must Visit

Who doesn’t like to travel, since we all have an innate human desire to explore newer places. So today, we would be talking about the top 18 places that you must visit in case you wish to have a cool vacation.

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Or Me-hi-co as they say in Spanish

This particular country has been an all-time favourite of North Americans, it is gradually becoming a popular tourist destination for those from Europe as well. Many of the famous tourist spots in Mexico have their relationship with ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations. They are so important that the UNESCO has designated quite a significant lot of them as world Heritage Sites.

Not to mention the rich Spanish local culture and cuisine. You will also find every possible ecosystem for flora and fauna, ranging from dense rainforests to dry deserts. 

Some places that you should definitely be visiting are

  • Mexico City Centre (For those into history)
  • Copper Canyon (Canyon lovers)
  • Cabo (Almost big shots from the United States come here to chill out)
  • Puerto Vallarta (For those into beaches)
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And the list is almost endless…

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New York City 

AKA The Big Apple

United States of America

One of the most iconic places in the world, it is the very image of the great American Dream. Yet it is a must visit city for those who wish to have a first-hand experience of the American Culture. The great thing about NYC is that most of the major tourist attractions are just walking a distance of one another, making it a heaven for those into sightseeing.

Some of the important highlights of the city are

  • Broadway Street 
  • 9/11 Memorial 
  • Empire States Building 
  • Metropolitan Art Museum 
  • Rockefeller Centre 
  • NYC Central Park 
  • Statue of Liberty 
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United Kingdom’s Capital 

London is extremely popular with tourists all around the world. Almost over fifteen million people come from all around the world to visit the capital city of Great Britain. From the iconic London Eye to Big Ben, London has a lot to offer to a typical tourist. Also, the majority of these places have no entry fees at all.

Some of the tourist attractions of London are

  • Westminster Abbey 
  • Trafalgar Square 
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Victoria & Albert Museum 
  • National Gallery 
  • Parliament of the United Kingdom 
  • British Museum 
  • Tower of London 
  • Buckingham Palace 
  • List of top attractions in london… 

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United States

Located at a remote location in the Pacific, Hawaii is perhaps one of the best tourist destinations of all. From the magnificent beaches to its forever sunny tropical climate, Hawaii is a paradise for those wishing to enjoy a peaceful vacation. 

Some of the must-visit places in Hawaii are 

  • Kauai Beach
  • Waikani Falls 
  • Mokulua Islands 
  • Oahu (For those of you into turtles)
  • Akaka Falls @Big_Island (Weird name but the amazing place…)
  • Waimea Canyon 
  • More things to do in Hawaii…

hong kong city


Hong Kong 

People’s Republic of China

Hong Kong with time has grown into a global economic powerhouse. It is basically a collection of many islands that are completely filled with places that you can visit and have some fun. One of the first things you will notice about the city is its breath-taking skyline. Due to lack of space for expansion, Hong Kong has followed the doctrine of “The only way is up”.

Some of the interesting tourist places in Hong Kong are-

  • Lantau Island (The famed Buddha statue is located here)
  • Nan Lian Park 

And much more…

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One of the most famous islands in Indonesia, Bali offers everything that a tourist needs to explore. From a rich local culture and dishes to the exotic tropical climate, the island will relax you completely. You can even explore spirituality in Bali! Surfers amateurs and professionals visit the island to make use of the high waves its waters have to offer. To make things even better, there are traditionally built villages and rice fields in the countryside to explore.

Some of the interesting places in Bali are

  • Kuta’s serene Beaches 
  • Waterbom water park 
  • Ubud monkey forest 
  • Uluwatu temple 
  • Pura Tanah Lot 




Historically known as Constantinople, is the capital of Turkey. The city’s history goes back to hundreds of years in the past. It has a number of sites related to history, many magnificent mosques and not to mention grand palaces. Do visit if you are interested to visit a city that has an elegant fusion of the old with the new.

Places to visit while in Istanbul 

  • Istanbul Archaeological Museum 
  • Chora Church
  • Spice Bazaar 
  • Museum for Turkish and Islamic Arts



Casino City

Into gambling and bored of going to Las Vegas, then Macau is perhaps the best choice that you can make. Since it is the largest gambling centre in the whole world. For those into tourism, Macau has a lot to offer you as well. I mean just have a look at the line-up of the available festivals 

  • Birthday of Buddha 
  • Ching Ming Festival 
  • Spring Lantern Festival 

and yet there are more than you can enjoy…

Places to see in Macau-

  • Macau Tower 
  • The Macau Museum
  • Museum of Tapia
  • And of course, the CASINOS! 



United Arab Emirates 

Since oil is not going to last forever, the UAE government has decided to focus more upon tourism. Dubai’s amazing skyline, artificial islands, humungous malls are a testimony that the job is being carried out well enough. The Dubai Mall boasts of being the world’s largest shopping centre while the Dubai Creek has been proposed to be UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Other things you can enjoy in Dubai 


Singapore City 


The city cum state of Singapore is the single city that is also a country. It is an important tourist destination and even the economy of Singapore gets a major benefit per year because of this. In the year 2015 alone a whopping fifteen million people visited this tiny island nation. To understand the significance of this statistic, you have to realize that it is almost three times the population of the city.

Places to explore in Singapore 

bangkok never sleep even at late hours




The serenity of white sand with clear blue waters is what exactly defines Phuket. This island paradise is perfect for those looking to spend some quality time on holidays while being on a limited budget. The exotic Thai food is bound to impress you. Its friendly local population makes things even better. 

Some of the things to do and places to visit in Phuket are

best things to do in the world




With its rich history, Barcelona will surely amaze any of its visitors. The city is dotted with nightclubs as well as architectural wonders. The versatility of Barcelona is what makes it a perfect destination to travel irrespective of your taste. From picture-perfect streets to simply stunning beaches, the city’s places will always surpass your expectations.

Things to do in the Spanish city 

  • Explore Las Ramblas
  • Visit Park Guell
  • Take a look at the churches 

Visit Gothic Quarters or Barri Gotic  

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For those into EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Amsterdam is among the must-visit places since most of the famous DJ’s are Dutch. Though the city’s laws on various things mainly attract young guys from all around the world, the city has a lot to offer to others as well. The various things that you can try out in Amsterdam are-

  • Vondelpark
  • Red Light District 
  • NEMO Science Museum 
  • Vincent Von Gough Museum 
  • Nightclubs
  • Coffee Houses 

beautiful city of venice




The iconic Italian city of Florence has attractions related to mainly art and history. For those into history, Florence is akin to a gold mine. Not only that the city has serene gardens as well to freshen you up. For those into art, there are a lot of places and museums to visit to make your trip worthwhile.

Famous places to visit in the Italian city are

the champs élysées in paris, best tourist attraction in paris




The region of Alsace is in the world-renowned for producing the finest quality wines. Therefore, there are a lot of vineyards that you can visit such as the Maison Trimbach and Domaine Weinbach. The region can even be explored a barge, Belmond Lilas. For those into a picturesque location, Alsace is an amazing choice. 

Best things to do in France…

Berlin hotels and flights guide



German Capital 

A city with a rich history that also happens to be the flashpoint between the United States and the Soviet Union during the tense years of the cold war. But since the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the city’s cultural appeal has grown by leaps and bounds. Berlin also boasts an amazing nightlife scene with a lot of bars and concerts. For those visiting the city for historical reasons, the list of places that they can visit is endless. 

The places to visit in Berlin are 

  • German Parliament 
  • Berlin Wall remaining structures
  • Iconic Brandenburg Gate 

and many more…

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Central American Tropical Paradise

Though you may have seen the country only in the movies as just filled with dense jungles, the country, in reality, has a lot more to offer. Into Archaeology? Visit the Mayan ruins testifying the glorious past of the great Mayan Civilization. The capital city of Antiguan has been listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Having said all that, do not forget to visit the forests! They are truly rich in flora and fauna and a great way to explore the countryside. 

Dalmatian Islands


Dalmatian Islands


Located at the coasts of the Adriatic, Dalmatian Islands have the charm of their own. Do visit the beaches of Zlatni Rat. They are a great place to just relax and feel disconnected from the world. For those into architecture, nearby Hvar has amazingly stunning Gothic Churches. Overall a must visit place if you wish to have a chilled-out beach vacation.

Places to visit at Dalmatian Islands 

  • Mljet Island
  • Vis Island 
  • Pakleni Island 

St. Lucia 


St. Lucia 

A gorgeous Caribbean Island, St. Lucia has everything that one may think about. From volcanic peaks to sky-high pitons, the island has tonnes of places to explore. Also, are present the lush green forests filled with waterfalls and coconut trees

For those who would like to explore the ocean, worry not. There are various coral reefs to dive and explore about. Since St. Lucia was a French colony once, the effect of the French culture can easily be noticed.   


Hope you liked our list of best places in the world to visit and we look forward to your comments. 

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